Congressional Report: Biden Admin Likely Lost Track Of Millions Of Migrants

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The Biden regime may have ‘lost track’ of millions of illegal aliens who crossed the open US southern border, a congressional report has found.

According to a 61 page interim report released by the House Judiciary Committee this week found over 2.2 million illegal migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border in the first 11 months of fiscal year 2023.

InfoWars reports: The data also shows that the government has “no confirmed departure” for more than 2.4 million migrants encountered since January 2021.

“Because of the unprecedented border crisis, some Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been forced to abandon arrests and removals of aliens, including criminal aliens, to process the illegal aliens who have arrived at the southwest border,” the report stated.

“Meanwhile, the Biden Administration’s own policies and so-called enforcement ‘priorities’ have contributed to reduced arrests and lower removals of aliens.”

“The Committee and Subcommittee will continue to conduct oversight of the Biden Administration’s radical, open-borders immigration policies,” it added.

“This interim staff report highlights the failures of President Biden’s immigration agenda and helps to inform the House on legislative reforms to secure the border, reform immigration law, and end the far left’s policy incentives driving the crisis at the border.”

The Biden White House pushed back against the report, saying it was “full of lies.”

“This so-called report is full of lies from House Republicans who continue to play politics while sabotaging President Biden’s work to ramp up enforcement and personnel at the border,” a White House spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement.

“House Republicans have refused to act on this request and provide DHS the tools to safely and humanely manage the Southwest Border, they have been pre-occupied posturing and bickering,” the spokesperson added.

Additionally, CBP data found that nearly 100 suspected terrorists flagged by the FBI’s terrorism watchlist illegally crossed into the U.S. this year alone — quadruple the last five years combined.

U.S. attorney Kash Patel pointed out the obvious national security vulnerabilities the Biden administration has inflicted upon the American people with its open-border policies.

“They admitted to us that they have two dozen terrorists here in America they can’t track. 220,000 a month. What if 1% were affiliated with criminal organizations, cartels, or foreign terrorist organizations?”

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