Labour Leader Corbyn’s Twitter Account Hacked, Calls Cameron A ‘Pie’

Fact checked

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labour Party in the UK, has called his opponent, the British Prime Minister David Cameron, a ‘pie,’ according to reports.

The Labour leader’s Twitter account was hacked by a a rogue tweeter on Sunday evening, and a number of profanity-filled messages embarrassingly appeared online.

Jeremy Corbyn is a softly spoken, gentle revolutionary man of the left and for the masses who is not known for uttering nonsense, yet. The offensive tweets were deleted after the slander came to light.

RT reports:

One tweet mirrored Corbyn’s strong anti-nuclear weapons stance, though phrased in a manner rather more explicit than the Labour leader’s usual tone, suggesting that everyone “f*ck Trident.”

Another insulted the prime minister, calling David Cameron a “pie,” much to the glee of users across the globe.

While online for only a few minutes, the tweets were quickly picked up by Corbyn’s 380,000 followers, retweeted and screenshotted for posterity.

The nationality of the hacker has been widely speculated, with a number of users suggesting the phrasing of the Cameron tweet was characteristic of the Scottish vernacular, while others claimed the fourth tweet used an Australian slang term.