Democrat Rep. Caught Slipping Mysterious Envelope To Dr. Ford’s Lawyer

Fact checked
Democrat rep caught slipping mysterious envelope to Dr. Ford's lawyers

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was caught on camera slipping an envelope to Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyer during yesterday’s testimony.

Video showed the congresswoman passing an envelope to Counsel Michael Bromwich, who then quickly put the letter in his jacket pocket. reports: This prompted many conservatives on Twitter to speculate what was in the envelope.

“What did @JacksonLeeTX18 pass to Ford’s attorney?” asked Laura Ingraham.

Others suggested that the envelope was some kind of pay off, despite the fact that Bromwich and Ford’s other counsel were working for her pro bono.

However, the issue appeared to have an innocent explanation.

Rep. Lee’s office told KHOU in Houston: “Simply, what was passed were unopened stationery notes to counsel for Dr. Ford from women who wanted to enter the hearing room but were not allowed to enter the hearing room.”