Biden Creeps on Little Girl As Soon as He Arrives in Germany

Fact checked
President Joe Biden molests little girl in Germany in front of world's cameras

Joe Biden just couldn’t help himself during a trip to Munich, Germany on Saturday as he met with G7 leaders.

As soon as he arrived, he set his sights on a prepubescent girl. He raced down the steps of Air Force One and made a beeline for the girl – shocking onlookers and White House staff. reports: Biden asked the child her age – of course he did.

He just can’t help himself.


The Daily Mail reported:

President Joe Biden arrived in Europe on Saturday to kick off two major international summits where world leaders will discuss the next steps in helping Ukraine battle the Russian invasion.

He landed in Germany for a meeting of G7 leaders – the heads of the top seven economies – and then heads for Madrid for a NATO summit.

Biden exited Air Force One to a red carpet welcome – complete with flags flying and a band playing. A large group of people in traditional Bavarian dress greeted him, along with Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Soder.

Two children, also in traditional dress, gave hm a bouquet of flowers.

Biden also signed the Golden Book of the Bavarian state government.

The president then headed to Schloss Elmau in the Bavarian Alps, where the G7 meeting is taking place.

His official meetings start on Monday and include a sit down with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a working lunch with G7 leaders on the global economy and the family photo.


  1. Biden is a Satanic pedophile..Not too hard to see. The things he has done behind the scene is beyond demonic

  2. Is that guy mentally ill or not? He belongs in the General Prison Population, and not in the White House.

    • Instead he’s popping into nazi Germany, just in time for the Ukrainium resurrection, and then m onto fascist Spain and enjoying some rewards along the way

      • Have you heard the story that Adolf Hitler is genetically related to all the European aristocracy. And a student did a genealogy study as a class project and found all Presidents of the United States are related to Adolf Hitler, and these same aristocrats, except for 1 President? That would include the present “President.”

    • Yeah they have a “thing for the national ism style costume party They like to de personalise humanity into archetypes, stereotypes You know the haiwians swing their hips in grass skirts, the Indians in feathered headdresses and loin cloths, the aboriginals in red diapers and smeared in clay paints, all that But they never ever put themselves in a bears skin rug wearing horns on their heads carrying a club. Not the white folk They don’t have a national costume from their past.

  3. I don’t like Biden and I believe strongly he is a pedo, but I didn’t see anything in the video where he bee lined for the girl. looks like the press is reporting things on Biden that are not true just like they did Trump.
    I am curious what is really going on. I think there is nefarious social engineering going on, but I don’t know what the end goal is. I know it can’t be good for us.

  4. She’s been pimped out by her parents for promotion up the ranks, and he knew she was going to be there It was pre arranged And its to send a CLEAR message to the class of whose running the show globally. Hitler was an incestuous pedophile of his own niece and never had any natural relations with any woman normally. They’re all in it together And that’s just a photo opp to send the message. To rub the peoples noses in it. The real meeting with that girl will be private.

  5. Governance by pedophiles and sexual predators/deviants covertly controlled by Intelligence Agency Blackmail Rings, isn’t the ideal political structure. Trump is on this list (Lolita Express) as well…

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