NATO Copies Hitler’s ‘Operation Barbarossa’ In Russia Attack

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NATO has begun “Operation Atlantic Resolve” in which US military forces have arrived in the Baltic sea region under the guise of protecting eastern Europe from “Russian aggression”. 

The operation is remarkably similar to Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” which was implemented in 1941. reports:

(Please note: Original article is written in Russian and has been translated into English)

It’s hard not to notice that Washington is, in fact, significantly stepping up its military presence in the strategically sensitive region, while blatantly violating previous commitments made ​​by Moscow. The number of NATO aircraft in the Baltic region has quadrupled in the past year, as well as visits of NATO warships in the Black Sea.

Operation “Atlantic Resolve” is based on unsubstantiated allegations the US  that Russia is the source of aggression both in Ukraine and in the rest of Europe.

This gross distortion of reality is part of the psychological propaganda of the United States. Passing under the command of the US military exercises include combat shooting and installation of Patriot missiles and cruise missiles. Similar exercises are planned in the coming months in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine and Georgia – Russia’s southern flank.

US Armed Forces, Colonel Michael Foster said of the upcoming military exercises in Europe as follows: “Thus, by the end of the summer you may well observe the operations carried out previously from the Baltic to the Black Sea.” It is doubtful that the American colonel understand the historical significance of their war of exciting prospects. Part of the problem lies in the fact that the Americans, and many other Westerners, poorly versed in the historical process. They are intoxicated history of victories of the West, who are deprived of the real causes and effects.

This propagandized version of historical events where cause and effect are ignored, but it is used to justify the subsequent actions of the Western powers. This drunken conception of history explains why the story is so often repeated, and the western rulers are so fond of stepping on rakes history.

Let us consider shall be conducted by the US-led operation “Atlantic determination” from a historical point of view. Then we can accurately understand that this operation has striking parallels to the military operation “Barbarossa” – the invasion of the Soviet Union , which was carried out by Nazi Germany in the summer of 1941. And it’s not superficial comparison for the sake of sensationalism.

So let’s start. “Operation Barbarossa”, as well as operation “Atlantic determination”, stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea, with the key points of the invasion via Estonia, Poland and Ukraine, writes resource Strategic Culture Foundation .

And we wonder why some of the current regime in Kiev against ethnic Russian in eastern Ukraine. But if you recall, during “Operation Barbarossa” Ukrainian shelves serve as an auxiliary to the “Waffen SS” for the mass murder of millions of compatriots – Ukrainians, Russian, Poles, Gypsies, Jews and others. All of them were considered as “subhuman” and had to be eliminated for the sake of “exclusive” German “Aryan race.”

When Adolf Hitler wrote in 1925 , the “Mine to ampf “, he suggested that the imperial grandeur of Germany will be carried out by crushing Soviet Russia. Required “living space” will be extended by the conquest of the eastern region, which he wrote disparagingly, populated by “subhuman Slavs under the authority of the Bolshevik Jews. ” Hitler’s hatred towards Jews corresponds to its complete hostility to Communist Russia. All of them, according to Hitler, had to be destroyed.

The truth is that Hitler and Nazi Germany was equally and obsessed with destroying the USSR. This obsession with the Soviet Union are closely divided and the Western ruling circles on the eve of World War II.

I must say that fascism in Europe – from Portugal, Spain, Italy and Germany before – Supported by Western elites as a bulwark against the spread of socialist movements, inspired by the October Revolution in Russia. Hitler’s Germany, with its industrial achievements are preferred as a counterweight to the Soviet regime and geopolitical rival of the USSR.

Suffice it to recall that American corporations, banks on Wall Street during the 1930s invested heavily in building the Nazi war machine. Fuhrer also secretly courting British conservative elite, headed by Prime Minister Chamberlain and Foreign Minister Lord Halifax.

When Nazi Germany annexed Austria and the Sudetenland in 1938, it was only a prelude to the alleged attack on the Soviet Union.

Operation “Barbarossa”, carried out in the summer of 1941, will include a deep-rooted strategic objective – to crush Russia as a geopolitical rival not only Germany but also the Western powers, who secretly created the Nazi war machine. Another eloquent fact – as soon as World War II ended, the same Western powers began to employ fascist agents (with intelligence killers) to conduct a new Cold War against the Soviet Union.

Ukraine and the Baltic states regained the same role in the post-war intrigues against Russia, which they take in the Nazi plan “Operation Barbarossa.” Only this time they were recruited by the CIA, MI6 and NATO. Today, Russia is no longer profess Bolshevism as a state ideology. And we did not predict that the current NATO maneuvers led by the US around Russian territory will turn into a total military attack. But the fact that Russia is still a problematic rival American and Western hegemony.

Russia under Vladimir Putin is seen as an obstacle to US capitalist domination in Asia and the rest of the world. A consistent insistence of Russia in compliance with international law is an unpleasant obstacle for Washington, who wants to use military force when and where he wants to strengthen its global imaginary hegemony.

International public support for Putin – another source of deep disappointment in Washington. In this context, it is necessary to evaluate and US hostility towards Russia and covert military signals that emanate from the teachings of the “Atlantic determination.”

These are the same historical resonances of the past century. “Operation Barbarossa” and military exercises “Atlantic determination” are part of the same policy of aggression of the West against Russia. Russia is considered to be a force standing in the way of Western hegemony. Therefore, Russia, according to the West, must be destroyed.

For Russia awesome military operation “Atlantic determination” has a very negative analogy with the past. Operation “Barbarossa” only 74 years ago burned Russian consciousness massive loss of life. Russia was on the brink of destruction, and was only saved thanks to the heroic sacrifice of millions of its citizens.

Historically, the West has never understood the depth of the suffering of the Russian people. And, therefore, many in the West, especially pampered elite rulers have not the slightest idea that strong Russians ready to defend their homeland.

Hometown Vladimir Putin – St. Petersburg, a city where one million people died from the Nazi blockade. When Western leaders speak of “defending freedom” and try to pin Russian pilloried – it means “paranoid” terrible neglect of history, that is cause for even greater concern.


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