The Unvaccinated Will Have To Suffer The “Consequences” Of Their Choices Says Justin Trudeau

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that unvaccinated people will have to deal with the “consequences” of their decisions.

Trudeau made his remarks during an interview with CBC Radio’s The House as defended his draconian covid vaccine mandates and emergency acts.

He claimed: “It was their choice and nobody ever was going to force anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.”

“But there are consequences when you don’t,” Trudeau added: “You cannot choose to put at risk your co-workers. You cannot choose to put at risk the people sitting beside you on an airplane.”

Gateway Pundit reports: Trudeau’s argument is obviously not true since people can still get the virus and spread it even after multiple jabs.

As TGP reported on Friday, Justin Trudeau was quick to denounce the US Supreme Court decision on abortions.  Apparently, he’s pro-choice for abortions but not for China virus vaccines.

A user on Youtube lectured Trudeau regarding his statement, “Personal choices have personal consequences. Decisions under coercion are not choices. And unlawfully invoking an emergency act is treasonous.”

More from CBC:

Trudeau spoke at length during The House interview about the unrest, how his government responded to it and whether his own comments referring to the protesters coming to Ottawa as a “small fringe minority” holding “unacceptable views” contributed to the anger.

“No. I will always call out unacceptable rhetoric and hateful language wherever I see it,” he said, insisting his remarks in January were never intended for the vaccine hesitant, but for those he believes were deliberately spreading misinformation and disinformation.

“Now, unfortunately, with … our modern social media and communications world, that was picked up and conflated and extended on. And I’m not going to start to say I was taken out of context, but my point was that there are people who are deliberately trying to stir up hate and intolerance and misinformation,” he added.

“And we do need to call out those folks even as we continue to do everything we can to reach out in thoughtful, reasonable ways to people who do have worries or concerns and focus on allaying those worries and concerns.”

There’s more than a bit of Pierre Trudeau in Justin Trudeau the longer he’s in office. There’s no public second guessing and, increasingly, no regrets. Like his father, the younger Trudeau isn’t inclined to shrink from a political fight, including over his decision to invoke the Emergencies Act.

The prime minister argued in the interview that using the powers in the act did nothing to block free speech, or peaceful assembly. The line was drawn, he said, when it was clear to the government that this was an illegal occupation.

He compared his decision to end the protests, and the language he used to condemn those advocating illegal actions, to criticism of his decision that every Liberal candidate must endorse a woman’s right to choose.

Watch the video below:

Trudeau’s statement comes after he spoke out on Friday over the US Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade decision.

“No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. I want women in Canada to know that we will always stand up for your right to choose,” Trudeau tweeted.

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