Video: Going Underground – BP spying on activists, Israel’s crimes & Iraq drone kill

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Going Underground: BP spying on activists, Israel's crimes, & Iraq drone kill

Going Underground: BP spying on activists, Israel’s crimes, & Iraq drone kill

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on BP’s shady side.

Jess Worth, campaigner and co-editor of the New Internationalist magazine, says as an activist, they have monitored everything from her Facebook to her Twitter, and warns they have huge influence on government policy and a ‘revolving door’ with high level ministers.

Ken O’Keefe, former US Marine, political analyst and activist, says the two-state solution for Palestine would be like dividing South Africa into a black country and a white country to end apartheid, and only a one-state solution can bring justice.

We take a look at who holds sway over Rupert Murdoch.

Britain rules out banning depleted uranium weaponry, alleged to have caused deforestation and a 17 fold increase in birth defects. And the MoD has confirmed a ‘successful’ drone strike in Iraq, as the war against ISIS intensifies.

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