Zimbabwe VP Blames Famine On ‘White Man’ Failing To Teach Them Economics

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Eighteen years after Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government seized large swathes of land from white farmers and forcibly evicted them, the famine-hit nation's Vice President is blaming the crisis on the "white man" not teaching them economics.

Eighteen years after Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwean government seized large swathes of land from white farmers and forcibly evicted them, the famine-hit nation’s Vice President is blaming the crisis on the “white man” not teaching them economics.

Zimbabwe has been tasked with famines, starvations, and hyperinflation since a revolution and the land seizures topped it from its perch as the “breadbasket of Africa” to an underdeveloped, starving nation with a barely functional economy.

In a tweet captioned, “Zimbabwe’s Vice President Kembo Mohadi has blamed the country’s former colonial masters, Britain for not teaching Zimbabweans how to run their economy. He says since gaining independence from Britain in 1980, Zimbabweans only know how to run small businesses,” a local news outlet ran an interview where the Vice President blames white people for the long-lasting hardship.

According to News 24, the Vice President was “addressing the ruling Zanu PF provincial structures in Gwanda, south east of Bulawayo,” when he made the remarks.

Mohadi begins by addressing Zimbabwe’s economic troubles and poses the question: “Is it government that is causing that?”

After a brief pause, he adds, “How are they causing it? I’m saying this because, one, we got our political independence, but the white man never gave us the knowledge of how the run the economy.”

NationalFile report: Social media commenters, including Zimbabweans, were outspokenly ashamed by Mohadi’s statement.

This is an embarrassing moment of epic proportions. Why lead if you are clueless? No wonder our country continues to slide deeper into the doldrums,” one Zimbabwean angrily remarked.

Another said, “They blame whites for their complete failure to feed themselves and run the economy. Kill, torture, rape white farmers or burn them out. They’re good at that and brill at corruption. Reap what you sow was never truer than in Zimbabwe.”

Over 4.3 million Zimbabweans face food insecurity as economic troubles hamper the country’s ability to prosper.

Zimbabwe was formerly a prosperous nation largely governed by Europeans and focused on productive farmland known as Rhodesia. After a violent civil war in the early 1980s, the new government of Zimbabwe began the process of seizing farmland from white owners and giving it to blacks as reparations. Since this policy began, Zimbabwe’s food supply has become entirely dependent on international sources.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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    • Anon, I might have to respectfully disagree with you.
      Are you SURE they can read?
      Maybe they can read, but WON’T read!

      I remember, some years ago, reading the story of one particular farm.

      It was always dry, but there was a river or creek not too far away.
      The farmer -a white guy- borrowed money, bought a pump, piping and all the parts, then installed an irrigation system.
      Now with enough water, the land was fertile and produced an abundance of food, enough so that he had enough leftover produce to sell and make a living, and easily pay for the irrigation system.
      Then the Racist government ran him off, gave the land to a bunch of blacks. The first thing they did was to tear out the irrigation system and sell the pump, the metal pipes, valves and fittings for scrap.
      The following years, without water, the land was barren, and the black inhabitants starved.
      …… And now it’s Whitey’s fault! I call BOVINE SCATOLOGY!

      You Made your Bed, now Lie Down in it!

  1. Evolution has a way of handling idiots.
    The Mugabe crowd will be killed and eaten, and this story will end.

  2. Blacks historically lack ambition. Read what Darwin observed about the Africans…surrounded by water but never set sail, walking over precious stones without realizing it…along those lines. After 65 years I’ve learned that nobody is interested in excuses.

  3. Let me remind him of the saying you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.

  4. But wait, according to Screwy-Louis Farrakhan Africa had an advanced civilization long before the white man was there. Why would you need us to teach you anything?!

    • 2live, you’re right!
      No-one has ever found any electrical wire that wasn’t brought in by the Europeans, so these people, MANY years ago, were way beyond that! They had Cell Phones and they had Perfected the Wireless Power Transmission phenomenon that Nicola Tesla tried, and failed, to make work in the early 20th century.
      It must be!
      It just MUST BE!

    • The first thing you can’t do is rob your people to fill YOUR pockets, scum bag. Gotta love deflection…still works on some and always will I guess.

    • -Louis Farrakhan deserves the support of all sane white men. His belief in separate nations for different races seems sound enough to me.

  5. Most niggers are to stupid to learn anything. Niggers never had agriculture, or architecture, which means they are just fucking stupid to create anything but violence. These niggers will die out soon and whites can claim there land back. This is why there was apartheid in South africa. To keep the violent, murdering, raping, savage niggers away from the civilised people, It needs to be brought back to all countries. Some niggers can get a pass to live civilised, and the rest can kill each other off.

    • Jack, in my state we have a fairly high percentage black population…… and MOST of them are DAMN GOOD PEOPLE!
      The cities are infected with Urban Thug Culture, but away from there,….. GOOD FOLKS!

  6. And who taught the ‘White Man’? It’s not their fault the SA Gov is highly corrupt to the point nobody even knows how to run a farm! Why play the blame game on this? What stops SA from teaching its citizens?

  7. In 40 years your nation NEVER sent anyone to a White university to learn economics or agriculture? Reap what you have sown (nada).

    • These communist zimbots have sent people to Russia , china etc for “education” , and all for naught. The few zims that get a decent education GTFO of that place – communist corrupt utopia spells death to ANY free thinker , oh and white people.

    • Exactly!There is this thing called,wikihow and internet.Oh yea,books.Mmmmmmmmmm,university and mentorships????

  8. The magnitude of audacity of this ignorant corrupt hack is beyond description. “is it government causing that”….. well by god it is , and it’s your god damned corrupt communist shit for brains stooges doing it !.
    When Rhodesia was allowed to succumb to communist thugs by a flaccid Europe – betrayed was more like it – the majority of the “whites” wanted to stay and get along. But the racist communist dolts drunk on power would never have that. They murdered & chased out 99.9% of the whites . Tell us again whom is to blame you jackarse zanuPF dog !.
    What is happening in South Africa is nearly a mirror image of the rot that befell Rhodesia. These racist dogs in charge of Zim can all go to hell , as they created their own hell with their communist BS !.

    • Lenin and Marx caused phenomenally more misery than Hitler yet many college professors praise them. Terrifying world to live in where entire generations are being indoctrinated to hate their own countries and no one seems to care.

  9. Bovine excrement! The thugs knew exactly what they were doing and why. This is their “I killed mom and dad so spare me because I am an orphan” excuse for mercy.

  10. They don’t need to worry. Soon the Chinese will be running the whole continent. Africans will be treated real nice once the Chinese have control.

    • Yep. It’s going to be wonderful. All those lovely little “re-education” camps that will pop up all over. A camera on every corner and being told what you can and can’t do. Everything you do monitored and controlled by China.

  11. Those White folks about which they complain didn’t help them are the very ones they robbed and murdered.

    Pay attention, because the past is prologue.

  12. In the 60’s and 70’s they drove the whites out, confiscated their land and then murdered those left. Then they began slaughtering all the wildlife, burning down the forests and killing each other. Now the same cycle is coming to America.

    • It’s coming to america? White man, primarily English, BROUGHT blacks to america so I’d say the problem has been here quite some time. What cycle? Chicago had 8 murders over the weekend which means some african cities are probably safer than American cities.

  13. What cha really sayin is dat da white man didn’t have enough fo us to rob and dat’s why we in the situation we are now in… it’s da white man’s fault, i.e., da parasite cain’t do too good fo itself if da host cain’t keep up wid da parasite’s needs!!!

  14. Search — IQ’s by country…And you’ll find that all of the lowest IQ’s on the planet, are in majority black countries…Living in Africa, with a temperate climate, they never invented the wheel, or had a written language, or anything else of a technological nature…All technology was brought in be the European colonials…White farmers produce a huge amount of food…Land stolen for reparations…First year, eat all the food…Second year, eat the seeds and the breeding animals…Third year, starve…And…Wait for it…It’s all whitey’s fault!!!

  15. I guess he did not get the BLM memo that says economics along with mathematics is white supremacy. Apparently he want to be a white supremacist too.

  16. They never accept any responsibility for anything bad that happens to them. It’s always someone else’s fault.

  17. Why would they want to take control of the country away from white people when they CLEARLY were too damn stupid to learn how to run it themselves? Seems to me that the white people were the only thing keeping them all from starving to death! SMH!

  18. Send the kenyan messiah there. If he is such a great and almighty leader he will lift his people up from this. I for one would like to see this legend in his own mind work his magic on his people.

  19. You are witnessing the REAL DEFINITION of ” white privilege ” … white COMPETENCY.

    Jealousy is what is driving minorities because they cannot compete

  20. In still laughing. Kill whitey but blame him for not teaching you anything while you’re killing him. And people with melanin enhanced skin wonder why the world looks at them as barely above the level of chimps.

  21. All those white owned farms seized and ‘redistributed’ ensured that they’d starve eventually. Crops can’t be seized forever can they?

  22. wait a minute here, they forced the white man off his farm but its his fault they are stupid?? maybe they should have just enslaved those white farmers to keep those farms running instead?? those poor poor people……this is what happens when your goal in life is to be a stupid and useless tool for some stupid and useless ideology.

  23. The Chinese will be delighted to come in and take over. And the natives will then be put back into their traditional roles of field hands and house maids.

    • I would say “something see, something do” but that saying would be considered “racist” because they’re black.

  24. But but Wakanda…. This crap just never ends, everything is the White man’s fault.

    Let’s pause to think about how this world would be without we White devils.

    A lot poorer, a lot more corrupt,slavery would be thriving worldwide (as it still is in Africa and the Middle East).

    It would be a lot further behind in technology,farming,medicine and every other aspect of human civilization.

    There would be zero cross cultural charity, ever see Africans, Chinese, Arabs, etc.. deliver medicine,food, help to anyone but their own and usually not even their own?

    Just a little food for thought.

  25. Hahahahahaaaa….. “It’s the White Man’s Fault”….. Where have and where do we continue to hear that BS excuse??? GMAFB….. It’s always someone else’s fault….. That is the biggest problem in the World today….. People just need to shut the He(( up, get off their Arse, and take responsibility for their actions….. Or, inaction!!!!! Guess what, if all you do is bitch and moan, and depend on someone else to provide and take care of you, you will always have a schitty life!!!!!! That’s Your fault, no one else’s……

  26. So black ignorance is the fault of the white man.

    Too stupid to know how to run the farm of the white family who was just murdered and their farm given to ignorant black Africans … and the fault is that of the murdered white farmers who failed to teach their black murderers how to run the joint before they were machete-hacked to death … Is that what you are bleating about?

    First lesson, how to drink from a glass.


  27. Nothing has been invented in Africa. This guy is an idiot. Blame whites for their failures. Not one civilization came out of black Africa

  28. South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) were quantums better under white rule.

    Sorry, but truth hurts dindus.

  29. Well you can’t stay up in the streets drinking Mad Dog all night, smoking dope and impregnating many. Then sleep all day.

  30. That would mean you’re too stupid to ask politely for help from people who are more knowledgeable than you. How long do you need to learn? A four year degree could get you started. When did Rhodesia become Zimbabwe in 1979? You should have had enough time.

  31. I thought the brothers were building magnificent cities and were scholars of mathematics and philosophy while the white man was still a Neanderthal? The government stole the land of successful white farmers. Those that did not leave voluntarily were murdered. These great black men of Zimbabwe just assumed the land would provide for them as it had the white man. Remember Big Mike said you only had to poke a hole in the ground and drop in a seed to be a farmer. I’m guessing these brilliant leaders of Zimbabwe thought the same way. I’ve got no sympathy for any of them.

  32. This is a great opportunity for blm and their White supporters to leave this horrible racist country and improve the lives of blacks that were oppressed under English rule. It will be a win, win for everyone. I’m sure people would contribute to a one way fare with the caveat that they never return.

  33. Average African has an IQ of 70, inbreeding of tribes for centuries? I will give the idiots a economic lesson, you cannot spend more than you take in. Simple, yet plenty of Americans misuse credit cards the same way.

  34. Time to end all subsidies and aid to all countries, companies, communities, corporations, entities, etc foreign and domestic.
    If they receive any aid let it be by the good graces of those willing to give personal charity and not forced theft from their neighbors pockets.
    With thought and freedom come personal responsibility.
    If you wish government big enough to take care of you then you need to realize they are big enough to rob, cheat, and kill you.

  35. When you “run the farmers off the land” I don’t think they have time to say “just a minute, let me tell you how to run the land”. This nasty Marxist government deserves every failure they will be experiencing – until the people turn on them and rid the land of such evil leaders.

  36. Africa is the cradle of civilization.

    Why do they still need help and advice, tens of thousands of years later?

  37. You ran the food producers, the vast majority of whom were White Farmers, off their land and then blame WHO?
    The same ideological Left Wingers are trying to kill America right now.
    You going to let them?

  38. Typical leftists trying to blame “whites” victimizing “blacks” when the true issue is running off capitalists who know their business and turning everything over to communist takers.

    If Zimbabwe thinks its a black / white issue, why not fly a herd of white American Black Lives Matters & Antifa soldiers over to help you all out? See how it works out.

  39. If Antifa, blm or the liberal snowflakes ever get control of this country, they’ll be saying the same thing when they fail

  40. So what else is new? Of course they’re blaming someone else. Blacks have shown, after decades of being given preferential treatment legally, that they’re incapable of being self-sufficient – they need continuous help to survive.

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