#MacronLeaks: Anti-Russia False Flag To Censor Alternative Media

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Evidence suggests that the Macron leaks could be a false flag designed to demonize Russia

The Emmanuel Macron email leaks are a ploy by the elite to blame Russia for interfering in foreign elections in order to further censor the internet and demonize Vladimir Putin.

As has been noted by many experts, due to the media blackout in France, the #MacronLeaks cannot and will not affect the outcome of the election – but they will affect the visibility of alternative news websites on social media if the European elite get their way.

Ian56 Blog reports: I haven’t seen anyone reporting anything of interest in any of the leaked emails, except for one email about buying drugs (crystal meth) for 180 Euros with bitcoin.

The email release is aimed at allowing Macron supporters to play up the victim card. This is a favorite ploy of any Establishment candidate or institution who has all (or 90%+) of the mainstream media on their side and at least double the money of the other candidate (or opposition).

Macron is the candidate for the Rothschilds and large Corporations/multinationals, and is the enemy of France and the worst possible candidate for ordinary French men and women.

A number of the emails contain “Russian tags”, Cyrillic lettering or other “Russian pointers” in the text or metadata. No Russian hacker worth their salt would leave these obvious markers pointing to a Russian origin. A Russian hacker would leave markers for misdirected attribution to someone else.

Therefore the least likely suspect is Russian hackers.

The Russians have zero motive to do it (unless it is an anti Putin Russian dissident group sponsored by the West). Any Russian hacker knows that any hack will immediately be blamed on Russia, and cause a Corporate media shitstorm, irrespective of whether there was any evidence of any Russian involvement or not.

The email release is aimed at stoking up war fever against Russia (for the Neocons every little helps in turning public opinion into supporting war).

Corporate media shills on twitter are already using these obvious False Flag markers to falsely accuse Russia of the hack. These markers do not in any way provide any evidence that can assist in attribution of the hack. As above, if anything, the only assertion that can probably be made is that Russian hackers are very unlikely to have done this, knowing the media firestorm against Russia and anti-Russia sentiment that would ensue.

Other possible suspects:-

The CIA (or other Western, anti Russia, intelligence agency, e.g. the UK or France).

Wikileaks recently released information on the CIA hacking tool Umbrage which is used to misdirect attribution to other actors.

If the CIA can do it, other well funded or resourced intelligence agencies and hacking groups can do it too. Its not rocket science, it only needs a bit of time and effort.

A false flag leak of nothing by the Macron campaign themselves.

A false flag leak of nothing by a Macron supporter (this could be almost anyone, including the Rothschilds, French banks or large French Corporations or any large multinational).

A leak of nothing by a French patriot supporting Le Pen.

Very unlikely – why would they leave Russian markers so that Russia could easily be blamed by the Corporate media?

Why would they leave it so late, so that it could not affect the result of the election?

Why would they dump such a huge quantity of information (9 Gigabytes) when most of it (all? the vast majority?) contains nothing of interest to denigrate Macron?

Why wouldn’t they just dump the small number of emails that did contain something of interest and do it earlier so it affected the first round and knocked Macron out (it only needed a circa 4% swing to Fillon)? If there is anything in the emails it is like looking for a needle in a large haystack.

An independent (non-State) hacking group

Very unlikely – why would an independent hacking group want to help a Rothschild banker and help start a Neocon war with Russia?

If anyone else has any ideas of who else might have been responsible for the hack, I would be happy to hear them.

The only email of interest found so far (that I am aware of) in the Macron Leak emails – a purchase of crystal meth for 180 Euros in Bitcoins.

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  1. Excellent analysis. Perhaps this leak served as a last-minute distraction from what might have otherwise been too easy and therefore too obvious a managed Macron victory. It seemed as though Le Pen enjoyed all the momentum; and one cannot trust the polls. But maybe the French people, in spite of the unrest brought to their streets, were foolish enough to have voted this way.

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