Assange: Next Release Of 100,000 Clinton Docs Will Finish Hillary

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Assange says the next batch of 100,000 emails will destroy Hillary Clinton

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said that his next release of up to 100,000 DNC emails will see the end of Hillary Clinton’s political career. 

According to an interview with Sean Hannity, the WikiLeaks founder says that he intends to release up to 100,000 unseen Democratic National Committee emails next week. reports:

“We have tens of thousands, possibly as many as a hundred thousand, pages of documents of different types, related to the operations that Hillary Clinton is associated with,” the WikiLeaks founder said in a radio interview with Sean Hannity.

“There are some, several … in response to the DNC publications, a lot of people have been inspired by the impact, and so they have stepped forward with additional material.”

Assange said his organization released internal DNC documents just before the party’s national convention because that was when staff finished vetting them, but that he hoped to have the newest documents out well before November.

“It’s quite a complex business to sort things, to index them, make sure they’re presentable, to see what the top initial angles are that come out,” he said.

“We’re a small shop. We’re here around the clock. We understand quite much the time pressures that people have, and how significant it is to try and get that out. We worked like hell to get the DNC publication out before the DNC, the day before the DNC.”

“I am very confident we’re going to get this material out before, long before, the day of the election,” Assange said.

Assange said Tuesday that the first wave of Clinton documents would hit either this week or next week.


  1. thank you for all your diligent hard work – the truth must come out so that America wakes up from their induced deep sleep (trance)

    • Are you kidding me? He’s not an American, he’s Australian. It’s people like you who make everybody else think Americans are self-centered and arrogant. 

      So, good job putting your ignorance out there for the entire world to see. Bravo! 

    • Totally agree– he’s a hero to Americans!  The truth shall set us free from the hellish reign of the Bush-Clinton-Obama era. 

    • Arrogant & ignorant yes. The average US citizen doesn’t even know where Australia is all the while super sizing their fukn lunch order.

    • You seem a little testy.. You must have seen the recent polls.. Trump will have national lead by end of Sept.. Julian’s emails will nail her coffin shut once and for all

  2. Julian Assange does the work the American media will not do. They are in bed with the Democrat Party and their candidates. We want the truth. Not “Obamas truth” or ‘Clintons truth” They are self serving frenemies that use America for their own power and personal wealth. Clinton crimes and cash make Nixon look life a shop lifter. But back then we had free press who exposed him and his crime. By the way, Nixon had political experience, Hillary, just like you.
    Vote Trump and clean out our filthy government. 

  3. How are Americans celebrating this behavior?  No matter which party of affiliation,  we should never condone this behavior. People such as this man have no loyalties. He should not be praised for these actions. 

    • Get your facts straight ..He doesn’t “hack” into anything …People give him information , he checks the legitimacy of the information, then he publishes the material via Wikileaks .

    • He was NOT the one doing the hacking- some one else did- and passed the material on to him.  Ever heard of the Gucifers?

    • What are you talking about he is informing us of the absolute corruptness of out government. You don’t want to know that WTF!

    • sound like a libturd troll to me.we aren’t celebrating the behavior of our corrupt gubment.we are celebrating somebody doing something about it.

    • do a little research and u will find that wiki leaks doesn’t do the hacking,their sources do.he said on Hannity that his sources told him a teenager with a little hacking knowledge can hack into the u.s. systems because they’re security is so poor.

    • My complaint is that he has agenda and that agenda is not just getting to the truth. His agenda, for whatever reason, is to take down the DNC, he has said it on multiple occasions. This is a foreign entity attempting to sway a US election. You don’t care right now because it benefits your candidate, but what happens when it is someone you support?

    • “People such as this man have no loyalties” – Yeah,.. and the same can be said about Hillary, obama, lynch, Comey,…. 

    • How, when the system is corrupt,and the media has sold out? You wouldn’t know of half the shit going on today without people like Assange and Snowden.

    • that never works

      the secrecy is why n how they get away with their severe criminality 

      the criminal ‘govt’ is only into privacy when it comes to protecting their own; n their criminal behavior… they r all for protecting their own asses… n getting away with their crimes… n they as well get off on psychotic ‘control…’ or the illu$ion of control anyway… they; the criminal -1% corporatist cabal in shady gov’t establishment… can’t stand that they r not controlling this… apparently they do not agree with ‘what is good for goose is good for gander…?!’ lololol

      i m thankful for julian, who is serving greater good n truth.

    • i m registered d. is criminal clinton my candidate? no. is criminal trump my candidate? no. even if clinton was ‘my candidate…’ i would prefer to know truth than not. then, if ‘my candidate’ was exposed to b unworthy… i would withdraw my support… n if i felt to, offer my support elsewhere… i choose #POTUSJillStein2016!!! i also have been known to support #POTUSBernieSanders2016!!! 

      supporting either -1% psycho-criminal controlled corporatist neocon war monger establishment candidate from the deb-repub party er parties… is insane imo… n part of problem… not part of solution. 

  4. Finally TRUTH in SMOKING GUN The CIA and the Clinton Foundation and Vatican all involved in largest pedophile child sex ring in human kind largest cocaine distributors in Mena Arkansas Massive voter fraud racketeering money laundering go for the JUGULA R n all 635 monkeys n babboons congress n bankers n all lobbyists n babboons in chief all go to Nuremberg trials n hangings n guillotine for the top brass all on pay per view what ratings do it if you can handle the truth??I am a Duplessis Orphan from the Second Auschwitz in Montreal where over 300,000 tiny babies were TORTURED n mutilated n murdered in collusion between CIA n Vatican help me get Justice now I wrote 4 books n new screenplay help me get screenplay up on big screen now it will blow the lid off the Clinton Foundation now!!

  5. Talk is cheap, Assange.  Quit with the predictions of the Hildabeast’s demise and just release the damn emails, already.  We’re tired of promises, we want to see action and the sooner the better.  Every day the Hildabeast remains a viable candidate for POTUS is another day of dire peril for the republic.

    • he doesn’t put out anything that isn’t checked and doulble checked to make sure its the 10 years they haven’t put out anything that could be researched and find out it wasn’t the truth.that being said they aren’t going to make a mistake of printing something that isn’t true and mess up they’re credibility.

  6. Why didn’t you use an up-to-date photo of him? He has shaved his beard off and had a haircut for his interviews on the latest revelations.

  7. Thank you, Julian for exposing muslim hillary.  She is not qualified to lead our country, hope she gets a looooong rest in jail.

  8. Assange is simply meddling in a US election, which we should prosecute him for. If he had anything of value, he would focus on that and release it separately. He is trying to bide his time and bury us in crap at the last minute to try and taint one of the candidates. By the time we know if any of it really sticks to Clinton, the election will be over. He is a scumbag and all Americans should be offended by foreign intervention in US elections.

    • I AM a true Progressive Liberal!  And I want to know the truth as do all Progressive Liberals I know.  I want to know the whole truth about Hillary and about Trump and then make up my mind which one to vote for – or just “Write in Bernie”.  

  9. A liar lies for a reason. The reason is to gain an advantage, by using the lie, over the person or persons the liar is telling the lie too.

    The advantage of the lie is that it provides a cover for the truth.

    The truth being feared as infromation that could prevent the liar from gaining something that the liar thinks he or she is entitled to.

  10. Don’t run your mouth, Julian Assange. Just do it. Release everything now. Ever heard of the Clinton body count?

  11. Conservatives: Julian Assange is a traitor! (even though he isn’t an American).

    *Assange releases Clinton leaks*

    Conservatives: Julian Assange is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!! (even though he isn’t an American).

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