Poll: Nearly ALL Americans Now Believe COVID Was Leaked From Wuhan Lab

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Most Americans believe COVID leaked from the Wuhan lab

The vast majority of Americans now believe COVID was leaked from the Wuhan lab, highlighting the danger of Silicon Valley’s instinct to censor information.

A new Politico-Harvard poll found that 52% of Americans, 59% of Republicans and 52% of Democrats, believe the lab leak hypothesis – a theory once labelled “fake news” by Big Tech.

Bipartisan support for the theory is highly unusual, with poll designer Bob Blendon pointing out, “Usually, our polls find a big split between Republicans and Democrats, so this is unique.”

“The Politico-Harvard study shows that what was once covered by liberal media as a far-right fake news story is now broadly accepted on a bipartisan basis,” reports the Daily Mail. “By contrast, in March 2020 just 29% of Americans accepted the lab leak theory.”

Summit.news reports: Indeed, for many months the media and social media networks characterized the whole idea as a dangerous conspiracy theory and those who promoted it were censored and deplatformed.

In June 2020, Vice President Kamala Harris even claimed Donald Trump’s advocacy of the theory represented “racist and xenophobic rhetoric against Asian Americans and Asian immigrants directly puts their lives at risk.”

As we previously highlighted, Dr. Peter Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance, a group that has extensive ties to the Wuhan lab gain of function research, thanked Dr. Anthony Fauci for dismissing the lab leak theory early on in the pandemic.

Daszak was also tasked by Facebook with ‘fact-checking’ (censoring) information related to the hypothesis, while Google, which via YouTube also censored information about the theory, also funded Daszak’s virus research.

The Wuhan lab leak issue once again underscores how ‘fact-checkers’, media outlets and Silicon Valley giants shouldn’t be handed monopoly power to dictate reality.

By blacklisting content related to the lab leak theory up until just a few months ago, those entities may well have been complicit in facilitating one of the biggest cover-ups in modern history.


  1. 52% of Americans = vast majority? Did you pass maths at school? For sure the Lab leak is correct, however please don’t overstate the facts!

  2. I am one American that said from the beginning it was a “Sham-demic”; I never wore a mask one single time – Conspiracy analysts warned about “Disease X” 10 years ago, as well as, Rex 84, Garden Plot, Operation Paperclip, Agenda 20xx. Damn, I also quit watching the electric toilet 30 or so years ago after visiting CNN headquarters in Atlanta on Black Monday during the orchestrated stock market crash – way too much information to fall for this ongoing BS narrative. BTW, IMO, Ms. Babbitt was a crisis actor; orange man, chuk-ski and peloski all knew the planned outcome of Jan. 6 before it even happened..

  3. typical victims of mass propagandas Typical Like theyre kled to believe who killed Kennedy is all about who fired the gun rather than who set the whole thing up then cobvered the whole thing up and are still covering the whole thing up Just manipulated by murdering thieving lying deceitful con artist psychopaths and megalomaniacal egocentric evil totalitarian autocratic deceivers

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