Iran Puts President Trump On Notice

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Iran put President Trump on notice

Iran has issued a warning to America, saying that they will use military force if President Trump continues to violate international protocols.

The warning follows National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s press briefing on Wednesday in which the White House delivered a stern threat to the Iranian regime. reports:

The Obama administration failed to respond adequately to Iran’s malign actions, including: weapons transfers, support for terrorism, and other violations of international norms. The Trump administration condemns such acts by Iran that undermine security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East which place American lives at risk.

President Trump has severely criticized the various agreements reached between Iran and the Obama administration as well as the United Nations as being weak and ineffective. Instead of being thankful to the United States in these agreements Iran is now feeling emboldened. As of today we are officially putting Iran on notice.

On Thursday the Iranian regime responded by putting President Trump on notice.

The official Fars News reported:

Iran is not going to sit idly by while the Trump administration demonizes Iranian citizens and violates international protocols.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement, Iran would stop US citizens from entering the country in retaliation to Washington’s visa ban against Iran and six other Muslim countries. Iran is also seeking to replace the dollar with a new common foreign currency in all financial and foreign exchange reports. The policy will come into force in March, as the US does not have a significant role in Iranian trade and could be replaced with currencies of key partners like the European Union and China. Iran already has agreements with Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iraq to use national currencies in the local trade.

The US ban, however, makes it virtually impossible for relatives and friends of an estimated 1 million Iranian-Americans to visit the United States. The Trump administration is also ratcheting up the rhetoric over Iran’s recent missile test, accusing it of being “highly provocative” and threatening non-specific action, which might include military force. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn says the Trump Administration is “putting Iran on notice,” claiming the test threatens stability across the region and “places American lives at risk.” Other US officials say a lot of options are under consideration.

This is ridiculous. Iran has been on Washington’s watch-list and a subject of unjustifiable hostility since the 1979 Islamic Revolution which ended US puppet Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s despotic rule. According to Nabila Massrali, the spokeswoman for European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, “The Iranian ballistic-missile program was not part of the 2015 nuclear deal and hence the tests are not a violation of it.”

Nevertheless, Washington still claims in practice very little happened to provoke the missile test. This is a misleading statement too. Iran did not carry out the test in response to Washington’s provocative actions. Missile tests have been part and parcel of Iran’s defensive doctrine for decades; they are never meant to put the US on a war-footing. The same way, Trump’s decision to ban Muslims from travelling to the US has put the international community on Iran’s side over the matter, particularly with so many European powers already concerned the Trump Administration is deliberately trying to sabotage the nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1.

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