Roger Daltrey: ‘Woke’ Leftists Are Creating Hell on Earth

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Roger Daltrey says 'woke' liberals are creating hell on earth

The Who frontman Roger Daltrey has warned that ‘woke’ leftists are creating a literal ‘hell on earth’ that stifles the kind of creative freedom he enjoyed in the 60s.

The iconic singer made the comments during a recent appearance on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 podcast.

“I don’t know, we might get somewhere because it’s becoming so absurd now with AI, all the tricks it can do, and the woke generation,” Daltrey said.

“It’s terrifying, the miserable world they’re going to create for themselves. I mean, anyone who’s lived a life and you see what they’re doing, you just know that it’s a route to nowhere,” he added. reports: The singer noted how he was lucky to have lived through an era where freedom of speech was encouraged, not silenced.

“Especially when you’ve lived through the periods of a life that we’ve had the privilege to. I mean, we’ve had the golden era. There’s no doubt about that,” he said.

Daltrey also slammed the negative impact that social media has had on the world, saying it has undermined truth.

“It’s just getting harder to disseminate the truth. It’s almost like, now we should turn the whole thing off. Go back to newsprint, go back to word of mouth and start to read books again,” he said.

While Daltrey’s comments may not be mind-blowing, any celebrity speaking out against the mob that has cannibalized culture is something to be applauded.

Once again, this only tends to happen with older celebrities who have already passed their peak of fame and entered icon status. They are beyond cancellation.

For any up and coming celebrity, or even one who is at the top of their game, to question ‘generation woke’ is career suicide.

Which makes it all the more ludicrous to continue to see identitarians, notably the LGBT movement, continue to claim they are ‘fighting oppression’ when their mantras are echoed by every cultural institution, media outlet and corporate entity in the west, while anyone who utters a whimper of dissent is swiftly cancelled.


  1. So called woke leftists are just nothing more than agents if the rule of law .If you havent figured that out yet then your really retarded

    • So called woke leftists are just nothing more than agents if the rule of law

      That simply doesn’t make an iota of sense.

      You haven’t figured out – All around the world millions of ”woke” lefties have been rather busy protesting against what you’ve referred to as the rule of law attempting to enforce unjust lockdown laws curfews

  2. Daltry has earned his creds and has nothing to fear from the woke mob.. I still applaud him. The ones in trouble are the people that let him or any mature person who has worked and contributed in front of a camera and microphone to speak on these subjects.

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  8. And the retort from the ‘woke snowflakes’:
    ‘So? What are you going to do about it? You can’t handle the truth’.

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