‘Global Reset’ Needed To Fight Future Pandemics Germany’s Health Minister Tells WHO

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Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn told a World Health Organization (WHO) briefing on Wednesday that a “global reset” is needed to fight future pandemics.

His comments came as the UN agency announced the creation of a new pandemic and health research hub in Berlin.

Speaking at a virtual news conference attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the head of the WHO, Spahn said the world was still insufficiently prepared for pandemics.

RT reports: Spahn highlighted the findings of a review into the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which will be officially announced at the WHO’s World Health Assembly later this month.

The authors of the report will call for “nothing less than a global reset in pandemic preparedness” and say that the world needs to focus on the “next crisis,” Spahn said.

Spahn said that the world is “insufficiently prepared” for potential pandemic risks, including the extension of diseases to previously unaffected populations and the transmission of diseases from animals to people.

The minister appeared alongside WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who announced the creation of a new pandemic and health research hub in Berlin.

Set to open this year, the WHO hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence will produce information to inform the policies of governments and other health authorities, Merkel said.

Ghebreyesus told the briefing that the pandemic has “exposed gaps” in global intelligence systems and said there will be “more viruses that will emerge with the potential of sparking epidemics or pandemics.”

He said the potential risks will be addressed by the global center in Berlin, which aims to collect, analyze and disseminate health data around the world in real time.


  1. Gain of function research. What could possibly go wrong?

    Self-replicating vaccine research. What could possibly go wrong?

    mRNA injections (gene therapy falsely called vaccines) that they couldn’t get right in animals applied to the world population of humans. What could possibly go wrong?

    Just because you’re deemed or even qualify as an “expert” in something, doesn’t mean you possess wisdom or common sense.

    • Course nit Quite the opposite Everything wrong with todays world ,its environment its economy its politics can all be traced back to the Sciences .Everything

  2. Global reset equals population reduction equals genocide. the elites have been killing us for centuries.

    • Equals a 2 class system of rhe ” deserving ” the rich ,them, and the u deserving ,everyone else, us .Means you will own nothing and be happy because of genetic modification and rhe communism of the 1 % who will own and or control everything .And they will deceive the whole world .Nothing will be what it seems ,at all .

  3. Well they obviously have never read the Bible or dont believe because it says in plain language that they fail and go to Hell .

  4. being over amassed is always deadly in any type of herd,demassing and limits on family will happen one way or the other sooner or later

  5. Sadly, there are people like Gates who is convinced he is doing the right thing for mankind. This guy has Thanos written all over him. I truly believe he sees most humans as excess eaters and overstock that needs to be disposed of. It is men like this, with agendas like this, I describe as truly evil and satanic.

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