Experts: Hillary Clinton Is Dying – She Now Wears ‘Life Alert’ Panic Button

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton spotted wearing life alert panic button in public

Hillary Clinton has begun wearing a Life Alert panic button necklace in public, sparking fears that the former Secretary of State is at death’s door.

Over the weekend, Hillary spoke at the OZY festival, a weekend event in Central Park. She donned an ill-fitting muumuu for the occasion with a colostomy bag strapped on underneath.

According to experts who studied photographs and videos from the event, it seems Hillary was also wearing a Life Alert emergency button around her neck – something used by pensioners in case they need the urgent medical care. reports: Speaking at the Festival on Saturday, Clinton complained of being “exhausted,” resisting Donald Trump’s presidency. However, speculation about her ill health has been circulating since she took on Trump in 2016.

At a 9/11 memorial event in New York in September 2016, Clinton appeared to faint, wobbling on her feet before her security detail helped her into a waiting vehicle. At the time, Clinton said that she simply had “overheated,” but it was later revealed that she had been suffering from pneumonia.

“They threw her in like she was a side of beef,” said one law enforcement officer.

Since her shock loss at the ballot box that year, Clinton has strayed in and out of the limelight, publishing a book explaining the loss from her perspective, and bashing Trump in speeches and on Twitter.

Now, as her campaign team puts out a flurry of emails and Clinton makes more public appearances, speculation is mounting over whether the woman who looked like a shoo-in for ‘Madam President’ in 2016 will attempt to take on Trump again in 2020.

If that were to happen, questions about Clinton’s health would be front and center this time around. Earlier this year, a video showing the one-time presidential contender falling down a set of stairs while on a visit to India, went viral. It wasn’t the first time that Clinton has struggled with stairs, either. She tripped while walking onto an airplane to Yemen in 2011, falling at the top of the stairs; and struggled to climb up a small flight of stairs to a campaign event in South Carolina in 2016.

This spring, Clinton was spotted wearing a cumbersome overcoat and scarf while out and about in New York and, later, while on a global speaking tour, whatever the weather. A suspicious protrusion from the coat led some to believe that the 70-year-old was hiding a back brace.

Whether Clinton is masking deteriorating health or is simply the victim of a series of unfortunate accidents and wardrobe malfunctions, rumors will almost certainly continue to spread as long as she remains in the public eye.


  1. She’s pulling a “John McCain, Jeff Zucker”. She is trying to garner sympathy.

    This woman was caught on tape, eating a child……………not uncommon among the elites.

    This woman is also connected to the NXIVM cult, which was involved in human sex trafficking of minors……….when she was New York State Senator !!!

    • ANd dont forget she sold 20% of U.S. uranium to Russians, killed who knows how many people and has destroyed uncountable numbers of lives.

      • My cousin died on that plane with Secretary of State, Ron Brown, whom she had assassinated.

  2. ugo girl ,chasing after those sympathy votes!Who , moi?A killary? Oh no no no msieur, just innocent invalid.

  3. Ah, gee. She stole all those millions and can’t spend it. I’ll bet Chelsea is smiling to beat the band and ole Webb Hubble is really smiling in the grave. Yea, she has been sick a long time, lies about it, covers it up and now wears a Moo-Moo, I gues that is what an old cow wears.

  4. First of ALL,
    We are all going to die at some point.
    We ALL have only one LIFE to live.
    So don’t labor in VAIN.
    Let her LIFE example show the world what the Biblical phrase leads to.

    Secondly, I wonder how many HilLIARy Clinton look-a-likes she has working for her?
    Compare the very first photo to the real clinton photos. You are going to be very very surprised on what you will see.

  5. I think that the deep state is preparing a false death of this infamous creature (HC) this is the way they disappear the astronauts just changing their identities and that’s it they just disappear.

  6. Hillary is possessed by demons, it breaks most bodies down. She also likely has multiple personality disorder and her mind is a dissociated mess. She literally is controlled by demons. Last I heard she was in the 6th degree illuminati, the pilgrims society. Poor bill was only 5th degree. Things are not what they seem, what we call aliens our ancestors called demons, and yes they are real.

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