Suspected US-Led Coalition Airstrikes Killed 34 Syrian Civilians

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According to local sources, the death toll from a suspected US-led coalition airstrike on a Syrian village could be as high as 34.

The alleged attack by coalition forces on the Syrian village of Al-Khan was carried out on Monday.

The US military have said they are investigating the allegations.

RT reports:

Western sources have put the death toll at 26, but Syrian political commentator Alaa Ebrahim said the figure is likely to be even higher.

“The number of casualties are likely to be larger than 27. We have a source in a hospital in Al-Malikiyah suggesting that the number is 30 dead and 17 wounded and the number is likely to rise as there are many people who would not be taken to hospital for fear of being arrested by the Kurdish or Syrian government,” Ebrahim said.

A Syrian Army source, who asked not to be named, confirmed to RT that the area was struck. The source said no Syrian Army forces were in the area. Local sources say that 34 civilians, including women and children were killed, with a further 17 people receiving injuries.

Colonel Steve Warren told AFP that the US is investigating claims that its coalition warplanes were responsible for the dozens of civilian deaths.

“Every time we get information about the possibility of a civilian casualty incident, we always do a credibility assessment on that information,” Colonel Steve Warren told AFP.

“If the information is found to be credible, we’ll conduct an investigation, and we’ll release the results of that investigation.”

However, Warren was unable to comment whether US-led coalition planes were active on Monday in the area around the village of Al-Khan, where the deadly strikes took place, due to what he said was “a lack of information.”

Ebrahim believes if the US-led coalition is responsible, this would prove to be a boost for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s claims that all forces against IS must unite with Damascus in order to work effectively.

“The Syrian government will try to use this incident as further proof that the US should coordinate with it in order to achieve a more active approach to eliminating ISIL from Syria and Iraq,” Ebrahim told RT.


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