Celebrities Blame Republicans For Texas School Shooting: ‘F**k the GOP & Their Obsession with Guns’

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Texas school shooting

Celebrities have wasted no to time to capitalize on the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday.

Alyssa Milano, Rob Reiner, Elizabeth Banks, Bette Midler, Piper Perabo, and Stephen King were among those who took advantage of the incident to blame the shooting on Republicans and to urge voters and lawmakers to support more gun control, according to Breitbart

Actor Rob Reiner also issued a statement blaming Republicans for the horrific act that left 19 children and two adults dead.

The blood of every child that dies of gun violence in the US, is on the hands of Republicans he claimed.

Rosannna Arquette pointed the finger at “Retrumplikkans” while also demanding more gun control.


Bette Midler somehow managed to link gun rights and abortion.