X CEO Linda Yaccarino Partners With ADL To Blacklist Non-Mainstream Content From Platform

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X CEO Linda Yaccarino partners with ADL to purge platform of non-mainstream views

Since announcing that free speech is no longer acceptable on the platform, X CEO has consulted with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to help purge the platform of non-mainstream views ahead of the 2024 election.

Earlier this week Linda Yaccarino spoke with the ADL to plan a ‘ramping up’ of censorship on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

According to ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, Yaccarino had a very “frank” and “productive” conversation with him about where X “needs to go to address hate effectively on the platform.”

Greenblatt boasted that Yaccarino reached out to him in desperation to partner with the far-left group.

Reclaimthenet.org reports: The ADL regularly advocates for online censorship and even wants this censorship to extend to the website infrastructure level.

And this isn’t the first time X has discussed censorship with the ADL. In November, when X was known as Twitter and X owner Elon Musk was serving as CEO, Musk revealed that he’d consulted with the ADL and other pressure groups on combatting “hate” and preserving “election integrity.”

Outside of its discussions with the ADL, X has recently beefed up its team that combat election “disinformation” and partnered with a company tied to a group that blacklisted conservatives.

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