CNN Says ‘Who Cares’ Who Jeffrey Epstein’s Friends Were

Fact checked
CNN host Chris Cuomo instructed viewers not to get "caught up" in the "intrigue" of who Jeffrey Epstein was friends with.

CNN host Chris Cuomo instructed viewers not to get “caught up” in the “intrigue” of who Jeffrey Epstein was friends with and instead “stick to what is common sense” and focus on “the facts that we know“.

When we’re talking about Epstein, you got to stick to what is common sense on these things, all right?” Cuomo said Wednesday night.

Don’t get buried in legalese, don’t follow the finger-pointing, and please don’t get caught up on the intrigue of who was better friends with this guy. Who cares!

Let’s take a look at the facts of what we know about how it was handled. Okay? We are going to dissect them with one of the best investigators around. What was done that seems fine and what was fugazi.

The bizarre segment is reminiscent of when Chris Cuomo attempted to discourage CNN viewers from reading Wikileaks emails during the 2016 election, in order to protect the Hillary Clinton campaign from a public relations disaster.

We all know how that worked out for them.

Are CNN attempting to cover up the truth again?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Wexner is a big pro-Israel guy. It is going to get dicey for the Jews if Epstein gets tied to the kyke state.

    • What does being “Pro-Israel” have to do with Epstein or any Jewish person caught up in Epstein’s circle? Your argument is what is called a red herring, made only by racist bigots.

      • Are you a retard or what? Jews organized on underage blackmail operation to entrap powerful Americans.

        • In addition to red herring arguments, resorting to ad hominem attacks are also a sure sign of one’s lack of logic and reasoning ability. It not exposes a complete lack of evidence, but it shows a complete lack of confidence in the indefensible position they’re attempting to defend. Thanks for confirming my original point….your comments are those spoken by racist bigots. Hitler would be proud!

          • Where do you disgusting kykes get the nerve? I am a Christian. Judaism is a supremacist religion. Jews believe themselves to be racially superior to non-Jews and you nuts believe God made it that way. What does chosen mean, if not racially superior. You need to have your head examined nutjob. Freud tried and failed to deal with Jew mental illness and fail. I see what he was up against with you,kyke.

          • There are racists in every religion and creed. Hijacking the thread with your racist bigotry and hatred against the Jews says a lot about your ignorance and lack of character. No one can be a Christian and a racist bigot and claim to be a Christian at the same time unless they twist the meaning of “Christian.” But thanks again for proving my point. Its better to keep your mouth closed and let others think your a fool than to open it and prove them right.

          • What is the promise of the Jew religion retard? Every religion offers a benefit as a way to draw people to the religion. It is the nature of all religions. What benefit does Judaism offer Jews?

            Answer—the subjugation of the non-Jew. ALL Jews believe themselves to be racially superior by virtue of their Jewishness. You need to be Moshiached so bad do you know that kyke?

          • I refuse to argue with a racist bigot. I leave you to drown in your own ignorance.

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  2. 1 We Know Bill Clinton was his Best Buddy.

    2 We Know the US AG protected him in 2008 under OBAMA.
    2 We Know his client list is Mostly Big Democrat donors.

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