Could smartphones be banned on flights? iPhone 5 catches fire and forces emergency evacuation of plane in Tel Aviv

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The Daily Mail reporting: “Passengers were evacuated from a flight ready for takeoff after an iPhone burst into flames in Tel Aviv.  Passengers were forced to leave soon after boarding the plane which was departing from Israel when smoke from a girl’s handbag filled the cabin.  The fire was found to have been caused by iPhone 5, reported AndroidPortal, forcing the passengers to disembark before the flight left for Prague, Czech Republic.

The father of the phone’s owner, Yarden Leviovej, told Nova TV (as translated by iClarified): ‘My daughter opened her purse, from which we saw the flames and the heat radiating from it.’  After the source of the flames and smoke was established, and the cabin cleared, the flight was reboarded. However Yarden, who was travelling with her family, had to leave without her burned out smartphone.

In July, the Civil Aviation Authority made a series of videos about the dangers of and risks associated with the transportation of lithium batteries, the power source of most personal electronic devices that would be used by travelers.

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