Video: How TV Affects Your Brain For The Worst

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Television is a staple in millions, if not billions, of households across the globe.  Since it’s introduction in the early 20th century, humans have been fascinated by TV.

Activist Post writes:

Have you ever overheard an intense or heart-wrenching discussion only to find out the talkers were actually hashing out the lives of fictional TV characters? Do you ever wonder why people are so easily beguiled into trusting the talking heads?

It might not be such a mystery when you find out how easy it is for TV programming – the waves it emits, the storytelling – to override basic brain function and even damage your body.

Reading or hearing how television affects you in a negative way is one thing – but actually visualizing it is a completely different experience for many.

Activist Post continues:

Here is a video that shows how television affects your brain chemistry for the worst. Yes, the waves entrain your brain for the greatest suggestibility – but it gets worse. Your mind gets confused and derailed by the condensed and unrealistic story lines. The imagery creates plenty of stress hormones – like the constant release of adrenaline – but with no outlet because we consciously try to tell ourselves that it’s just a show. Apparently, the brain and body disagree.

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