‘David Cameron Is dead’ Says Radio Presenter By Mistake

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David Cameron

A newsreader with Heart FM accidentally announced the death of British Prime Minister David Cameron live on air today.

While reading the news Fiona Winchester got mixed up and read out Cameron’s name instead of David Bowie, who sadly passed away from cancer last night.

RT reports:

As the world awoke on Monday to mourn the death of British music icon Bowie, the broadcast journalist made the embarrassing gaffe during a morning news bulletin, in which she accidentally said “David Cameron has died.”

When she became aware of the mistake, she quickly corrected herself and replaced the PM’s name with Bowie’s.

However, listeners pounced on the error and took it to social media.

“Very smooth from the radio news lady,” one Twitter user jibed.

Meanwhile, one Scottish user quipped: “Dinny worry hen, we wish it too.”

The PM paid tribute to the English artist on social media, calling Bowie’s death a “huge loss.”

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