Whistleblower Claims Alec Baldwin Was “Extremely Violent” on Set – Questions Raised

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Alec Baldwin has a history of violent behavior on set, whistleblower says

A whistleblower has testified that actor Alec Baldwin has a history of violently attacking members of crew, raising serious questions about the deadly shooting on the set of “Rust” last month.

As has been widely reported recently, the scene Baldin was filming that fateful day did not call for any gunfire at all.

So why did the Trump-hating actor pull the trigger of a loaded gun?

Waynedupree.com reports: The people who know what happened, are not saying, maybe because of lawsuits. But the people who’ve worked with Baldwin in the past are singing like canaries about him and his less than “shining” personality.

Apparently, back when Alec worked on “30 Rock,” he once got so mad when the director used his hands to “frame a shot,” that he threatened to ASSAULT him- and not in a joking way.

The New York Post reported that “according to [editor Doug] Abel, Alec turned to [Bernstein] and said that if he did that one more time, he was going to assault him. And he didn’t say it with a smile on his face,” writes Mike Roe in his new book, “The 30 Rock Book: Inside the Iconic Show, from Blerg to EGOT,” (Abrams Press), out Nov. 30.

Abel believes that the animosity between the two was one reason why Bernstein — who went on to direct episodes of “Breaking Bad” and “Fargo,” among others — left the show in 2007 after only 6 episodes.

On “30 Rock,” which premiered in October 2006 and ran for seven seasons, Baldwin won two Emmys and three Golden Globe Awards for his portrayal of Donaghy, one of television’s great all-time characters. But this new book shows that even though he was collaborating with good friend Fey, Baldwin’s reticence toward the show created a lot of unpleasantness along the way.

Bernstein was not the only director who had issues with Baldwin.

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