Mario Lopez Slammed For Saying 3 Yr Olds Can’t Decide Their Own Gender

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Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez has been slammed on social media for saying that he believes it is “dangerous” for parents to allow children, as young as three, to pick their genders.

The TV host and former ‘saved by the bell’ star came under fire following an interview on the Candace Owens show where he suggested parents should wait until a child’s “formative years” before making declarations about their gender.

He has since apologized for his ‘ignorant’ and ‘insensitive’ comments.

Piers Morgan said that he believes Mario Lopez was “shamefully bullied” and is outraged that he caved in and apologized for his comments.

RT reports: Lopez made the comments on conservative YouTube host Candace Owens’ show back in June, but it took the usually hyper-vigilant PC police more than a month to notice them. Well, now that they have, it looks like no bell can save Lopez, with social media lit up with criticism of his transphobia,” for which he was summarily “canceled” in the eyes of many liberal tweeters. The entertainer was forced to apologize on Wednesday, telling NBC his comments were “ignorant and insensitive.”

What did Lopez actually say to cause such outrage?

The actor and host said he was “trying to understand” why some parents support their extremely young children’s pronouncements that they are a different gender and that he was “blown away” by adults letting kids as young as three years-old declare themselves a different sex.

Lopez did not launch into a hate-filled tirade against transgender individuals, but simply said toddlers might be too young to understand the full implication of what they are saying. The actor prefaced the comment by saying he didn’t want to “tell anyone how to parent their kids” but said in his opinion it was just far too early to make such a big decision.

My God, if you’re three years old and you’re saying you’re feeling a certain way or you think you’re a boy or a girl or whatever the case may be, I just think it’s dangerous as a parent to make this determination.

Owens, who regularly stokes controversy in the media for a variety of other reasons, agreed, arguing that sometimes three-year-olds believe they are mermaids or princesses and that oftentimes they will be going through a phase that they grow out of. Yet, some modern parents take this as their cue to whisk the child off to a doctor for hormone injections and surgical intervention.

The only arguably controversial thing Lopez did in the interview was to briefly equate a child’s announcement about its gender as something to do with its “sexuality” – which isn’t the same thing, since a person who identifies as transgender isn’t necessarily confused about their sexuality.

There was even a call for Warner Bros. which distributes the Extra entertainment show co-hosted by Lopez to “hold him accountable” for his “gross” actions.

It was a double whammy of condemnation for Lopez, however, because he also criticized the #MeToo era and the #BelieveWomen movement. He said it was “dangerous” to believe every accuser, no questions asked, because it is possible that on occasion a woman might conceivably lie about assault or sexual misconduct – another apparently indefensible position which earned Lopez the title of misogynist to go with “transphobe.”

As for Lopez’s comments on transgender kids, they are actually backed up by doctors on both sides of the Atlantic, who recently warned about the potential negative consequences of pumping kids full of hormones and early gender re-assignment surgeries instead of adopting a wait-and-see approach, in case the child changes its mind (which studies have shown is often the case.)