Alex Soros Vows To Eradicate Conservatives From the Internet: “I’m 100 Times Worse Than My Dad”

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Alex Soros vows to completely eradicate conservatives from the internet

Alex Soros has vowed to censor conservatives and independent journalists online “100 times more aggressively” than his father George Soros.

Following news that far-left billionaire George Soros handed full control over his $25 billion empire to his son, Alex laid out his despotic vision for the future of the internet in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“I’m way more political,” Alex Soros said, comparing himself to his radical father.

“As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it, we will have to do it, too,” he admitted. reports: Soros-funded political action committees have become a major factor in American elections.

Soros-funded political action committees have become a major factor in American elections.

George Soros has been the Democratic Party’s largest donor in recent U.S. elections and his funding of smaller local prosecutor races has allowed his to seize control of America’s justice system.

Alex Soros said he is currently working to improve Hispanic and black support for Democrat politicians.

The new leader of the Soros empire has visited Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House at least 17 times since 2021, according to Fox News.

Three visits took place between February 8 and Feb.10, as Slay News reported.

Several top Biden administration officials are listed on the visitor logs as the ones who met Alex Soros.

“Alexander Soros is poised to lead his family’s multibillion-dollar political and philanthropic network,” said Scott Walter, president of Capital Research Center, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Like his father, he cozies up to White House and congressional leaders willing to do the family’s bidding on such issues as crime, immigration, election policy, and more, as the Soroses exploit every type of giving: money to parties, independent expenditure groups, and so-called ‘charities,’” he said.

According to the New York Post, Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project at the Heritage Foundation, said the access Alex Soros has to the Biden White House is a major concern.

Howell warns that the Soros family has already “done tremendous damage to our country.”

“The Soros agenda is one of death and destruction in the name of open borders and ending Western civilization,” he said.

“Biden administration and rogue prosecutor movement may be [its] most damaging purchase in America to date.”

Matt Palumbo, author of “The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros,” said the Soros family has its hooks deep in the Biden administration.

“All throughout the White House, there is a Soros hold somewhere, and his son is his father’s new ambassador,” Palumbo said.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said regardless of who is the front man for the foundation and Soros-backed PACS, George Soros is still in charge.

“Don’t be distracted by Alex’s name in the visitor log; it’s a George Soros rep they’re looking to meet with at the Biden White House,” Fitton said.

“He’s still calling the shots.

“It’s his money, his foundations.”


  1. Soros, a Front for the Rothschild Financial Group, that owns 150 World Central Banks, that includes the Federal Reserve Bank System.

    • CHINA owns all the banks most the land and biz,it`s just a way to haze and get you to watch the internet MONEY Pile Games that CHINA is on top of thus TRUMP`s platform and theirs is all CHINA and even the search engines in china and the east outsell the west and thier media and movies now also outsell the west.THE WILD WEST SHOW IS OVER thats wtf built white america in the first place EU*UK are dead in the water without CHINA BANK captial and workforces

      • Disagree. China is the New Kid on the Block. From 1949.

        The Rothschild’s is Old Money starting from 300 yeas ago.

        • SILK Road is the first major movement of the industrial age and also the most fought over.Tech workforce captial CHINA IS ON TOP that most all START UP`s start by China even SVB.Than africa is becoming a super power work force.Old money? is not capital or of any real values unless you have gold stashed but even than it`s not food workforce and tech as China has always lead the world in all of those as the first major movement of the modern age.ROTH has no INTERNET PLATforms as they bite themselfs in the foot there as they don`t allow any big platforms in the west they missed the markets and china ran away with the reagan.Trump deal.MING so on goes on forever back to the start of the tech age all china china china and china

        • 1931 china was fighting japan inside china until 1948 and than the first nuke while japan was still flighting inside china.China was one of the big four super powers of the allied forces and the last one left now.And thats what WW2 was about the silkroad and work force of china.China was still in cival war after WW2 .But that was all just a power battle and they go back to the stone age and the start up than &now online as the west has less freedoms than even china in platforming on the internet.Roths missed the boat and it sailed away right under their noses as they didn`t know the worth of the internet

          • The Rothschilds financed China’s start up in 1979.
            China fought Japan until 1945, not 1949.

          • JAPAN was bombed and waved the white flag even while inside china as china joined the big four just around that time.China fought japan from 1931 up to the atomic bomb.After Japan waved the white flag civil war still went on but not with japan.NO one owns china or ever have but china.China started the industrial revolution NOT the west.All the real brains came from asia,the west just ripped off the east and than the east ripped off the west.The SUNset on the rothschilds along with the UK ages ago

          • The Rothschild still controls the Western World.
            The UK started the Industrial Revolution. Not too long ago.

            The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain around 1760 and many of the technological innovations were of British origin. Textiles were the dominant industry of the early Industrial Revolution. The textile industry was also the first to use modern production methods.

          • What a coincidence. The 1770s was when the rots.child cartel got European masonic lodges in a luciferian chokehold, and they used those connections to take over Britain’s banks.

          • Rothschild financed through the Bank of England for the war against Napoleon.

            After the War the UK Government could not financially function without being indebted to Rothschild.

          • Oh for Gods sake Look whose been reading grade 3 social. Studies for neo nazis.

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          • That’s the Problem, on why China, Russia, Iran and Venezuela are BAD, the Rothschild does not own the Central Banks there.

          • That’s not true. Every one of those countries has a central bank controlling it’s economy, all controlled by the rots.child IMF.

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          • If the Rothschild financed it then that means they went about their banking business They don’t make movies.

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          • Your wrong. You don’t even get the basic facts straight. China was set up to become communist and Mao was the pawn they used to do it.

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          • Did the Chinese buy the Chicago Stock Exchange?
            A federal securities regulator on Thursday struck down the proposed $20 million acquisition of a Chicago-based trading hub, the Chicago Stock Exchange, by a Chinese-owned company.
            Feb 15, 2018

          • They OWN it and trader joes BK 711 endless biz and farm lands and homes TRUMP won`t run china out of america because they own him ALSO.They also owned over half of SVB and put up most of the start up capital for over 70% of ALL start ups in american GAME OVER for the west

          • China wants to build factories here to employ Americans but Joe Biden is blocking them.

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          • It’s an exchange. In a building. Makes no difference who owns the building unless they have Allodial Title for a start.

          • THEY RUN the stock EXCHANGE DUM MUM but it is less than 1% of the stock markets in america but they have a foot hold.But in the UK they own much more than here even

          • Wrong. For a start only an Alodial title means ownership It Texas allows that For example Chinese interests bought up most of the main streets here back in the 1970s but they don’t really own it They only get a transfer title act deed which is like a Squatters rights. 90%of Australia is Crown Lands. The King owns England Australia Canada South Africa and New Zealand. They’re legally King Charles property.

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        • Old money started with currency. It didn’t start 300 years ago. And if you actually really think the Rothschilds made themselves the bankers of Europe your naive Anyway with any brains at all knows that doesn’t happen They have to be allowed to become the bankers and rhe OLD MONEY came from Western Rome via Venice and settled in London around the end of the Crusades Which byw the Knights Temolar really created banking as we know it and they still control the Inns in the City from where everything is controlled.

      • And the Rots.child cartel has owned China since the early 1900s and how their communist revolution happened. Follow the money, not the rhetoric.

        • SILK ROAD is the first industrial production pipeline and china out produces the world just try to buy anything that IS NOT built in china.WORK FORCES and food with china having 425 million farmers to america`s two million

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    • UNDER biden I think china bought up about 30% more of america as the banks tanked and the companys sold off to china

    • No It’s actually Prince Charles King Charles now who set up the WEF starting back in the 19990s before Brittania was decommissioned. And that was him flowing in from Prime Minister Thatchers State visit to Reaga s administration in1984 where the USA And UK edged to “build the world again”
      And you know it but can’t accept the truth. Because your an antisemite.
      The facts are public knowledge of exactly where WEF came from. And sure they work with the banks to set up cbdc s That’s banking business.

      • WRONG – that was Evelyn rots.child and he set up their global warming dominoes in 1987 at his 4th World Wilderness Conference. Evelyn declared a non-existent CO2 problem to be the next big Armageddon and all countries with national debt would need to pay up or give up their most valuable, mineral-rich land as collateral for their carbon crimes.

        • No Go back and look at Thatchers visit. Her gudur was HISTORIC because it was the first English pm visiting too I think And soon after the Queen made the first royal visit to Congress and then the Pope ALL HISTORIC EVENTS THAT WILL BE TURNING POINT IN THE WORLD HISTORY FOREVER

          • P.M.Churchill never came to the U.S.?
            What about all of those photos of Churchill talking with Roosevelt at the Presidential vacation facility now named “Camp David”

        • They are a Not in power.CHINA is!!! but they are still tryin to regain control that the blues bloods lost long ago

      • UK is owned by china the SUNset on your empire by 1920. BKI!!!! runs the world is is just a new verson of the silkroad

  2. It’s not about ending western civilisation at all It’s about establishing it totally as the only civilisation on earth under one rule of law,.
    Nothing is what it seems.
    Always the same, always the opposite. It’s about ending Americas independence.

    • IT`s BS dribble as CHina has all the capital and workforces and they are all owned by CHINa just a snoke screen as TRUMP ryds in to play the HERO china owns the GAME& all the players.The east always ran the world.The west just brainwashed the underclass into puppets

    • TOTALLY HAZE BS the pope papal haze LOV the west& the west lovs them BUt america never had independence thats a smoke screen as silk road never died and even ww2 was about saving it.THE WILD WESTern is over CHINA has the workforce and africa is about to go super power soon also.Whites are a dieing race and don`t have the numbers needed to RUN the WORLD OR win a worldwar and they never really did

  3. TRUMP DODGED THem by getting a CHINA PLATFORM as you have to buy your way into control and look wtf they did to the expresident by kicking him offline WITHOUT CHINA he is dead in the water and china is the puppet master behind the players at the top of the internet MONEY PILE platformS

    • Agree. I strongly suspect the white hats in our military already have both Soros satanists in custody…or they may have already had their military tribunals & been executed.

      • Why would you suspect any such thing? There’s zero evidence that any of the Soros snakes are being held in anybody’s custody.

  4. Any news on his travels? He in the States? How many body guards? How many cars in his detail? Questions we need to know.

  5. When SHTF, your money won’t help you navigate the crap you and your elite scumbag friends created

  6. He won’t be so tough when his gay foot fetish se x videos get released from Epstein island

  7. Alex Soros is a drunken weakling who his own father sent to the frontlines larping as a violent antifa protester. And he couldn’t even do that right without being caught. He’s a broken little yes-man who’ll likely get his comeuppance for all the evil both him and his psychotic father have inflicted on humanity.

  8. BKI SILK ROAD all china republic it the TOP BANANA 2day and was since the start of the modern age 10,000 years ago

  9. CHINAnet now SON!!! all CHINA HUAWEI 3billion users in 170 countries NEW 5G ONE BELT ONE ROAD communications LEADER!

  10. Imagine running an NGO called “Open Society Project”, saying something like this, and not even noting the irony at all. It’s a cult.

  11. So scary with daddy’s money. You’re a f loser that has earned not a penny. You pos clown car driving midget, 25 b isn’t even close to what you are going need.

  12. Alex is going to overplay his hand.
    Said that a few days ago and here we are.
    He wants to go to war with us.

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  14. Alex Soros, being more radical and aggressive than his father, will receive a stronger pushback, when his old man finally croaks. More & more people are getting tired of progressivism, with its big promises and excuses for incompetence and corruption. Their “war on poverty” has resulted in poverty triumphant.

  15. The Soroses are evil.

    That disclaimer in place, I’d now like to request that you post screencaptures from the WSJ article proving that Alex Soros “vow[ed] to eradicate conservatives from the Internet” and saying “I’m 100 Times Worse Than My Dad.”


  16. I didn’t know the devil himself can procreate.Look at his sight ,he will exceed all anticipations.

  17. I just found out that Alex Soros has had a long, morbid fascination with committing suicide by multiple means, simultaneously, such as drowning, hanging, beating and shooting.

  18. And yet no one in the comment sections is saying anything about what this prick is saying he’s going to do.

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