Evidence Emerges That America’s Voting Machines Are All Controlled by Chinese Gov’t

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Evidence proves America's voting machines are all controlled by China.

Evidence has emerged that all of America’s voting machines have motherboard chips manufactured in China embedded inside of them, allowing them to be accessed via a secret backdoor by the Chinese government.

According to investigator Peter Bernegger, the presence of Chinese chips in these machines poses a serious problem for the upcoming 2024 election in America.

Emerald.tv reports: As Patrick Byrne has been insisting since 2020: the motherboard of a computer is like the frontal lobe of your brain. “If the motherboard is made in China, the entire system is compromised,” according to him.

Sheriff Dar Leaf has discovered that Dominion Voting has failed to disclose to Congress that parts of their machines are sourced from China, and tested in China.

In addition, it’s alleged that one of Dominion’s employees, Andy Huang, was able to access the servers remotely from Canada. Huang once worked for a Chinese telecom known to be a CCP affiliate as well.

Sheriff Dar Leaf has also released a list of Chinese programmable parts in Dominion Voting Systems equipment on his Twitter/X account.

Needless to say, such evidence of foreign infiltration of our elections through voting machine companies is a national security emergency on a scale that America has never faced before.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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