Giuliani: SICKENING Photo’s on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Will ‘Shock the Hell Out of You’

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Rudy Giuliani says photos on Hunter Biden hard drive will shock hell out of public

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has warned that the unreleased photographs on Hunter Biden’s laptop will likely shock the American public to their very core.

During FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Giuliani said he and his lawyer were sent Hunter’s hard drive.

The former mayor then claimed the “confidential information” and photos on the hard drive are “disgusting” and will “shock the hell out of you.”

“It’s authentic as hell,” Giuliani claimed.

“Some of those pictures on it can only have come from him. And I will tell you why I know it for sure,” he continued.

“I have about 10 pieces of confidential information nobody knows except me and Hunter Biden,” Giuliani added.

“You know, I investigated cases for 50 years,” Guiliani said.

“Every one of those hits the mark.”

Guiliani continued:

“I have an anonymous source that reports on a meeting at the State Department, which would violate the Foreign Agent Registration Act.”

“And Hunter Biden was taken in the back door and kept off the books. The gentleman who was involved in it and who told me about it had the date,” he said.

“He’s had that for a year and a half. That very date shows up in his emails. There are five emails setting up that appointment that date, that exact time.”

“I’ve got five of those if anybody cares to examine. They are not even disputing it. This is Hunter Biden’s emails, texts, and really, the photographs will shock the hell out of you,” Giuliani went on.

“Those photographs are disgusting, and they make him a national security risk for the United States of America because every photograph I have, China has plus a lot more,” he said.

“They reveal federal crimes, they reveal disgusting sexual behavior, and then they reveal sexual behavior, and then they reveal numerous times where he has totally gone on crack, which means he spent most of the last five years on crack, and who would pay this man $2 much less $10 million if is he a crack addict?”