Couple Fined Hundreds Of Euros For Kissing Outside In Italy

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Police have fined a couple 400 euros after they were caught kissing each other in public in the Italian city of Milan….violating coronavirus restrictions.

The violation took place earlier this month when the couple left their house to go out to a local restaurant. While walking hand in hand, the couple kissed each other and almost immediately found themselves surrounded by police.

Breirtbart reports: Officers asked the couple a number of questions, particularly of the woman who only spoke English and Polish, noting the pair had different addresses on their identification documents, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The police then issued a 400 euro fine to the couple for breaking regulations that state people in public must remain at least several feet away from each other unless they are wearing a mask.

The only exceptions are given to people living together but as the couple’s identification showed different addresses the exception was not granted to them, despite the man showing photographic evidence the couple had been engaged for over two years. The 40-year-old Italian man has launched an appeal against the fine.

The incident comes just months after police in Rimini used drones, ATVs, and a jeep to hunt down a lone man laying completely alone in the middle of a local beach.

The operation was widely criticised by members of the Italian public after it went viral on social media, with many claiming it showed “dictatorial” overreach from the government while others praised the man for his social distancing efforts.


  1. Theyre all like neo nazis now Fake socialists ,really actually just completely greedy power hunger capitalist frauds who want total control and think they can get mass support from tbe peasantry and disenchanted by telling them theyre Robbing Hoods resurrected Basically Friar Tuck, FriarTuck , dormez vous dornez vous sonnez les matinee

  2. I’d wager that if the couple were doing sodomy in public, the PC police would claim that is a protected class activity.

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