Daylight Robbery – Cyclist Robs Man In A Flash : Video

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cyclist snatching mobile phone
cyclist snatching mobile phone

A man is seen walking on a shopping street  along the pavement using his mobile phone, when suddenly a cyclist mounts the pavement. He then approaches the man and within a flash robs him of his iPhone.

Two other cyclists were also seen. The CCTV footage has been released by City of London Police in a bid to arrest the cyclist.

Police advice the public to be vigilant when using mobile phones on London Streets.

Metro Reports: The force said phone snatches have increased over the last year in London, with the majority of thefts taking place between 6pm and 10pm. Victims tend to be approached from behind, while they have been holding their phone or using it in the street.

Offenders, either on mopeds or bicycles, ride on to the pavement and snatch the phone, sometimes using force to knock the phone out of the victim’s hands or assaulting them to take it.

Inspector Doug Blackwood said: ‘We advise the public to be vigilant when using their phone out and about on the street in London.

‘Try not to walk and text at the same time, not only does it put you at risk of injury, the distraction of texting also leaves you vulnerable. ‘If you really need to make a phone call in a public place, try and keep the conversation as brief as possible.’


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