Disney+ Confirms Wolverine Has Relationship With Non-Binary Character in New X-Men Series

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Disney have confirmed they are turning one of the major characters in the new X-Men series non-binary and this character has an “interesting relationship with Wolverine.”

X-Men ’97 serves as a continuation of the original animated series from the 1990s and is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 20, 2024. However, Disney could not resist making major changes to the cast of characters as part of their social programming agenda. V

In a new issue of Empire magazine previewing X-Men ’97, brief character descriptions are given for several of the returning characters from X-Men: The Animated Series – and many fans are disturbed about the direction Disney are taking the classic show.

With the shapeshifter Morph, it was revealed that X-Men ’97 will feature a “lighter take on the character, who is nonbinary and has an interesting buddy relationship with Wolverine.”

CBR reports that “Establishing Morph as nonbinary is a key change for the character, who had never been identified as nonbinary in the original show or any of the comic books. It’s also teased that Morph’s past with Mister Sinister will “come into play” in some way in X-Men ’97.”

The art style of the new series tips its hat to the original 1990s aesthetic, however everything else about the series is firmly planted in the woke present-day.

Disney was once a reliable source of wholesome and innocent entertainment for children.

Now parents are right to be fearful that the content their kids are consuming is brainwashing them at best and endangering them at worst.

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