Fully Jabbed Four-Time British Motorcycling Champion Dies Suddenly at 35

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Fully jabbed British motorcycling champion drops dead suddenly

Yet another young, healthy and fully-jabbed athlete has dropped dead, according to reports.

Keith Farmer, one of Northern Ireland’s most successful motorcyclists, has died aged 35. The four-time British champion passed away “suddenly and unexpectedly”.

Thelibertydaily.com reports: As is always the case, the article announced the death, then moved on to report highlights from his career and reactions from those around him. Nobody in corporate media asks why they died. Nobody asks if they were jabbed. Nobody mentions the words “Covid” or “vaccine” anywhere in their reporting.

The question MUST be asked. It’s imperative that we get stories like these out to the masses so more people will start demanding answers to questions that aren’t being asked. Only then will corporate media be forced to either do their jobs or acknowledge that they have abdicated their self-proclaimed status as the arbiters-of-truth.

As I’ve noted many times before, it’s not just leftist corporate media. Very few in conservative or alternative media are reporting on these stories either. The reason for this is their dependence on Google, Facebook, and other Big Tech tyrants. They’re beholden to Google for the lucrative ad dollars that would be withheld if they speak ill about the jabs. They’re beholden to Facebook for the massive amounts of traffic they send to news outlets that don’t get out of line with the universal vaccination agenda.

We are only beholden to our readers, and you deserve to know the truth. We all do.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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