Billionaire Jack Ma Says His Money Has Become A Burden – Video

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Jack Ma, the founder of the incredibly successful e-commerce site Alibaba, is China’s richest man, but he’s not very happy about that.

In a recent interview with CNBC, the billionaire revealed that he’s not been in very good spirits lately, and much of that is due to his wealth.

Ma expressed that with his position comes a great deal of stress, much of which began to pile on after Alibaba’s IPO.

While the offering set a 25 billion dollar record, what came after was decidedly less joyful.

Said Ma, “Maybe the stock goes so up, maybe people have high expectations on you, maybe I think too much about the future and have too many things to worry about.”

Those things include fears that his company will let down investors, and the effect that his current state of malaise may have on his colleagues, customers, and shareholders.

The new kind of attention he’s been getting in public is also proving to be a distressing factor, as he’s often unsure of people’s intentions.

In hopes of turning around his current state of mind, Ma is considering setting up an organization that will distribute donations to important causes.

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