Congress Given Evidence That 100% Exonerates Kavanaugh, Lawyer Claims

Fact checked
Congress obtain evidence exonerating Kavanaugh

Congress has been given evidence that completely exonerates Kavanaugh from false sexual assault charges, according to a Harvard lawyer. 

President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Ed Whelan, tweeted that Feinstein will likely end up apologizing this week to Kavanaugh due to new evidence that has just come to light. reports: This would be huge if true.

But at this point, it’s all just part of the fun-fun Kavanaugh rumor mill.


But Whelan’s claim is the only one being taken seriously by conservatives, including several close to Kavanaugh, who were tantalized by his assertions, given his decadeslong friendship with Kavanaugh and close involvement with the nomination process. A graduate of Harvard Law School who served as a law clerk to the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and a blogger on legal issues for National Review Online, he has worked alongside Federalist Society executive director Leonard Leo advising the White House on judicial nominations.

“Ed Whelan is the model of careful, discerning legal analysis and commentary. It’s why all of us who know him take everything he says and writes so seriously,” said Rich Lowry, the editor of National Review, where Whelan writes on judicial issues.

Adding to the intrigue, Whelan has told at least three associates that his confidence level in his assertions is “close to 100 percent.”


Don’t look at us, we just work here.

100% confident sounds pretty damn confident.

Wouldn’t that be something?

And to see Feinstein apologize … popcorn worthy event of the year.


It will be something she doesn’t know since it appears more and more likely either she made the entire thing up or has him confused with another high school guy.

In other words, womp womp.


WhatEVER they have it must be big … like we said before, popcorn.


  1. Another clock running
    ——————— – – 80s show
    ———————————- – – clock running
    ————————————————– – – WASTE of precious time.

    MAO smiles

    and the USURERs –if they are in the know— giggle whenever you mention
    ‘Chinese TAKE OUT’

    YOU will SOON know – — WHY ?

  2. I seriously doubt if America will EVER see Blasey-Ford testify under oath before the senate judiciary committee. Her story is melting like a SJW snowflake in the Mojave. And I’m concerned for her safety now that she has lost considerable value in the Left’s attempt to sandbag Kavanaugh’s nomination. She might very well be sacrificed by the Left to further their narrative.

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