Canada Aims To Issue Gender Neutral Birth Certificates By 2018

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Canada is aiming to issue "gender neutral" birth certificates as early as next year, according to a government spokesperson.

The province of Ontario, Canada is aiming to issue “gender neutral” birth certificates as early as next year, with the government working to ensure the birth certificates will be legally recognized in other jurisdictions.

Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services Tracey MacCharles said the province is determined to push the legislation through and consultations will be held on the matter this summer.

MacCharles said she believes Ontario will be a trendsetter and the first of many provinces in Canada to issue gender neutral birth certificates.

CTV reports that MacCharles has asked the ministry to reach out to Joshua M. Ferguson – an Ontario-born filmmaker who applied last week to have a change of sex designation on their birth certificate from male to non-binary – a term used to define someone who doesn’t identify with either gender. The minister said she knows the issue is important to the “trans and non-binary community.”

Ferguson, who is demanding to be referred to by the gender-neutral pronouns “they/them/their,” said they’re pleased to see the government moving forward on the issue.

The 34-year-old, who is also a writer and activist, said he has a right to a non-binary birth certificate given Ontario’s laws against discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Ferguson said he’d hoped to receive the new certificate by this summer.

“If it doesn’t happen until 2018, this is definitely a problem for me personally, because it would continue to cause me emotional grief over having a birth certificate and all my other forms of legal documentation that are currently discriminating against me, because I’m not a male or a female,” Ferguson, who has XY chromosomes, said.

Currently, Ontario offers gender-neutral options for drivers’ licenses and health cards but not for birth certificates.

Ferguson, who lives in Vancouver, has submitted a physician letter along with the application to confirm that the sex on their current birth certificate does not match his gender identity.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. If you have all XY chromosomes you are Male, referred to as he or him or man or father, brother, son, uncle. If you dont think you are a male one should see a psychologist who will help you identify with your true physiological gender. Non-binary and similar terms such as transgender, gender neutral, gender fluid etc. Etc. are a load of nonsense. Count the chromosomes, thats ones gender (if the chromosomes are not abnormal). The same applies to females. If they are all XX you are female, she, her, mother, sister, daughter, aunt.

    • yeah but what do these neferious globalist profiteers care…as long as the ignorant sheeple go along with the madness the better for them…the worts issue is actially having a birth certificate put on a child in the first place…folks dont even seem to get how wrong that is—-a birth certificate is an instrument that gives the globalist profiteers ownership of your child—wake up

    • I suppose if I didn’t know the difference between sex and gender I’d probably feel the same way you do. Like all those people who think being Muslim is a race. Fortunately I bothered educating myself on the subject before running my mouth, so I managed to avoid the trap you fell into.

      • Gender comes from the Latin ‘genus’ or kind. It is the classification to which a person is assigned based on sex. Your sex is determined by your chromosomes.

        • Which, if language weren’t a constantly evolving entity, would be just as true today as it was 6 centuries ago.

          • We know that language evolves. But you are suggesting that words can mean anything you want them to mean. Gender refers to male or female. Having dozens of other definitions for gender is nonsense. Ontario issuing gender neutral birth certificates is pure nonsense. So the baby is an ‘IT’ never HE or SHE !!!

          • I actually did not suggest that at any point, but if you want to twist it that way to save face then feel free!

            I agree about the birth certificate, though. No newborn infant has a gender identity one way or the other. They’d be better off changing “gender” to “sex” and keeping it binary.

          • Cultural Marxism is boring, a modern day disease. I have nothing further to say on gender/sex/xx/xy chromosomes.

          • I don’t blame you – if I were attempting to push an argument I couldn’t defend I might likewise be tempted to spout hollow indefensible rhetoric and announce my retreat. Good on you for realizing you’d already reached that point.

          • That’s right, keep dropping those buzz phrases! If it makes you feel better, I’ll toss in “stupid SJW’s!” and “liberalism is a mental disease” for free so you won’t have to cruise the Breitbart comment boards to look for more material.

          • Pretty sure most people outgrow Breitbart at the same time they outgrow picture books lol, but I’ve definitely encountered the developmentally stunted types that follow their rag and have learned their vocabulary by now.

    • I dunno, I’d say this comment pretty clearly shows more stupidity than the article. After all, you obviously didn’t read it and are commenting based on the misleading headline, since only one Canadian province has proposed this idea. By all means, though, continue projecting your low self-esteem onto entire nations of people who are smarter than you. It at least provides some laughs for the rest of us.

    • It’s not only Canadian thing, it is now globalized and normal people should react and raise their voices against it. Mankind did not go this long way to end up with neutral gender. If there is M and W, then there is a reason for that, the nature did not make a mistake by creating M and W. If someone feels it is a problem for him then s/he is the problem and s/he should not try to impose it to the whole community and society.

  2. not a male or female… but born a male. Why is it so offensive to be identified as a male on your birth certificate when you bloody are one.

  3. Does anybody know why a site that boasts “News. Truth. Unfiltered.” chose to run this article alongside a photo of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, whose federal government has nothing to do with this decision by the provincial government of Ontario and who isn’t even mentioned in this article?

  4. Just because he feels gender neutral, doesn’t mean he isn’t physicslly a male. Birth certificates are for identifying you physically, not emotionally.

  5. To all of those commenting: why do you care? Does a person’s freedom to express their gender in the way that feels right to them hurt you? Does it impact your life if you identify as male or female and someone else does not? No.

  6. Cortez, you are so much smarter than the rest of the people on here, especially with all of the well crafted and articulate words you used. And the way you are able to “degrade” someone’s comments with such fashionable grace, just impresses upon me more how you have mastered the art of written judo. It must be a joyous and outright amazing thing to be you. People who meet you in person or are friends of yours, must be forever honored to have been blessed with your presence. Please continue to come to these sites and provide for us your wealth of what appears to be vast knowledge and humbled grace. That is if you can break away from all of the miracles, creations and other Godly things you must do on a daily basis; when you’re not gender confused that is. See you later young MAN.

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