Lou Dobbs: Democrats Attempting Coup D’etat Against White House

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Lou Dobbs says Democrats are attempting coup against Trump administration

Lou Dobbs has accused the Democrat party of attempting a coup d’etat against the Trump administration. 

The Fox Business anchor has slammed the liberal media for blindly repeating Democrat demands for Trump’s impeachment based on dubious anonymously sourced leaks.

Truthfeed.com reports: Meanwhile, during the 8 years of the scandal ridden Obama administration, former IRS head Lois Lerner faced no consequences for targeting conservative groups.

Dobbs then asks where was the outrage during the Obama fast and furious scandal?

Where was the outrage during the Benghazi “Youtube video”  lie and cover-up?

Where was the outrage when Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch famously obstructed justice on the tarmac?

Why was the DNC permitted to NOT allow the FBI to check their server?

And why was Hillary given a free pass when she was by Comey’s admission “extremely careless” which is the exact same thing as criminal “gross negligence?”

Lou Dobbs wants to know, and so do we.

Watch the video:

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  1. Not just the Democrats. The traitor Never Trumpers from the GOP are even more dangerous. McCain, Graham, and Ryan want Trump out. There’s no way they can accept a non-politician as President. Trump is killing their gravy train.

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