FBI: Hillary Backed Terrorists Plan Election Day Terror Across U.S.

Fact checked
The FBI have warned that ISIS terrorists who appear sympathetic to Hillary Clinton, are planning to attack U.S. voters this Election Day.

The FBI have warned that ISIS terrorists who appear sympathetic to Hillary Clinton are planning to attack U.S. voters this Election Day.

One day after US intelligence sources warned that Al-Qaeda may be preparing for potential terrorist attacks in New York, Texas and Virginia, on Saturday the Islamic State called for the “slaughter” of U.S. voters on Election Day.

If this happens, Hillary Clinton and mainstream media will have blood on their hands.

That would be the same ISIS that receives “financial and logistic support” from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, according to Hillary Clinton’s hacked email. And that would be the same Saudi Arabia and Qatar that fund Hillary Clinton.

This at the very least makes Hillary and ISIS mutual friends. Of course she had no plans to tell us that her friends Saudi Arabia and Qatar fund ISIS. She told that to John Podesta in an email. We have WikiLeaks to thank for forcing this information out and giving us a clearer understanding of who supports the terrorist organization.

But Hillary’s ISIS and Al-Qaeda links are stronger than that. The US government are also supporting ISIS and Al-Nusra (an Al-Qaeda group) in Syria – claiming they are “moderate opposition” to Assad’s regime. But there is nothing moderate about them. They are the same extremist Islamic groups that the FBI is warning could carry out devastating terror attacks in the US during the election.

If there is a terrorist attack in the United States, the mainstream media must not be allowed to frame the message. They have shamelessly refused to report on the fact Hillary is bankrolled by the same people who provide “financial and strategic support for ISIS.” They claim it is a conspiracy theory, despite the evidence being in black and white in front of their eyes, typed by Clinton’s own hands. It just doesn’t suit their pro-Hillary narrative.

By playing partisan politics, giving Hillary a free pass, and refusing to report on real news, the mainstream media – 98% pro-Hillary in recent studies – are putting American lives at risk.