Canada Is Becoming A Totalitarian Country. Is There Any Hope?

Fact checked

Is Canada shifting towards a totalitarian future? According to writer Mark Taliano, it is happening right now. Slowly but surely.

Totalitarianism, aligned as it is with “rule by corporations”, is something that happens in incremental steps over time. Nobody actually chooses it, it just happens, and it’s happening to Canada right now.

What are the conditions that foster these top-down, undemocratic trends? Public conformity in matters of importance plays a large part.

Corporate “governance”, with its anti-social, anti-public orientation, is adept at manufacturing and perpetuating public conformity by employing subtle but effective tools that secretly subvert the populace. These tools are employed to create what Sheldon Wolin would describe as “inverted totalitarianism”. The tactics persuade a population that what the government/corporation wants is also good for people, even when the opposite is the case.

For example, legislation that endorses catastrophic global warming, for the perceived benefit of a handful of transnational corporations, is not to the benefit of the people. Many Canadians, however, remain deluded, even as they witness Canada’s descent into the scientific and diplomatic Dark Ages.

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