Australian Govt Vows To Keep Citizens Under House Arrest Until They Are ALL Vaccinated

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Australian government announce plans to keep citizens under house arrest until nearly all population are vaccinated

Just one day after thousands of protestors took to the streets of Australia to protest Covid restrictions, the Australian government announced that the entire country will remain under house arrest until nearly every single person is vaccinated.

“You can’t live with lockdowns forever and at some point, you need to make that gear change and that is done at 70%,” Morrison admitted in an interview with ABC on Sunday. reports: Less than 30% of Australians over the age of 16 are currently fully vaccinated, and just over 51% have received their first dose, with figures fluctuating from state to state. Asked whether authorities are concerned if Australia’s most populous state will be able to hit the mark any time soon, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said on Sunday that he hopes “we may achieve a reasonable vaccination rate there.”

Australia previously set a target vaccination rate of at least 70% before it would shift away from a strategy of snap total lockdowns, towards mitigation through social distancing, masks and more targeted closures in ‘extreme situations.’ Restrictions on international travel will be reviewed only when the nation reaches an 80% rate. The rules change will benefit only vaccinated Australians, however.

“I’m committed to that plan and premiers and chief ministers have signed up to that plan and, they haven’t signed up with me, they’ve signed up with the Australian people,” Morrison previously said.

However, not all Australians seem to agree with this plan. On Saturday, thousands of people hit the streets of the nation’s largest cities, defying coronavirus lockdowns. The protests got particularly chaotic in Melbourne, resulting in clashes between anti-lockdown marchers and police. More than 200 people were arrested, and over 900 fined for breaching the restrictions.

On Sunday, protesters took to the streets once again, with large crowds seen at the Queensland-New South Wales border.

Around a quarter of Australia’s population currently remains under tight restrictions requiring residents to stay at home, with rare exceptions. NSW authorities recently extended its Covid lockdown, with nearly half of Sydney’s five million residents set to remain under a nightly curfew until mid-September. In Melbourne, a similar order is also in place.

The protests continue as Australia, which has tried to keep an extremely tight grip on Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, reported three deaths and 914 new infections, yet another worst single-day increase in cases of the virus. Overall, Australia’s Covid-19 numbers remain relatively low, with just under 44,000 cases and 981 deaths.


    • Amatis, I second the motion ..All members of the bloody fascist govt. should face Nuremberg trials, period.

  1. I manufacture precision tools here in the United States. That I own a factory line here in the United States makes me a rare person. After all, 70% of our economy is “service”. Because I manufacture precision tools, I know a bunch of people that own companies that manufacture. That said, pay attention to what I’m about to say:

    My logistics chain – a chain that took me 10 years to build, is in tatters. See, 99.9% of what you need is Zero. A million dollar tractor that doesn’t have a fan blade is nothing more than a lawn ornament. The just-in-time economy is groaning under the weight of these lockdowns and if you own a business then no one sees it more than yourself.

    The government of Australia has declared war on its people. This is genocide.

    • Never black down: Bolshevik Marxist Stalinist Slovo Tribe genocide, Nicklethrower, as you say, no more nor less, the virus hoax used as pretext to foment unrest, Australians, as with citizens in every country of the world, rise up and eliminate they who would you permanently enslave, they who now drive you to an early ‘kill shot induced’ grave, they who have destroyed your livelihoods, wherever you find them, whether in the cities or the woods, terminate the hidden hand vermin, as it’s for their own good! War, indeed, to be sure.

      • The war will start in earnest once the average Joe starts to feel the consequences of the supply chain break-down. Then, the genocide will begin.

        My grandmother was an ardent fascist. She supported the fascists through the loss of two brothers (one in Ethiopia and one in Greece). She supported the fascists when her husband (my grandfather) was MIA. She supported the fascists even through the carpet bombings. She supported the fascists right up until the very moment that flour ran out and she could no longer make bread. “Then, no one supported the fascists anymore.”

        Our government will fall faster than Kabul the very second the store shelves go empty and these monsters in power are doing everything possible to speed that outcome along.

        • “Then, the genocide will begin.”

          It sounds like, in your grandmother’s homeland, the flour running out was a sign the genocide would soon end, rather than marking its beginning.

          • My grandmother’s home was in N. Italy. You have no idea as to the murder spree that ensued once the food ran out. It made everything before it look like a walk in the park.

          • I misunderstood, because there was no real genocide in Italy. Riots and murder within a nation are horrible, but would be labelled a different crime. What did you mean by genocide in this context?

          • I mean that here in the United States, once the food runs out we will revert to Tribalism or Prison Rules. Every single person that I’ve met that has spent time in prison has explained to me in great detail that in prison, race is everything. Everything takes a backseat to race and you either stand with your race or find yourself wearing lipstick.

            The very same will happen here when the food runs out. The people will divide themselves into their tribe and begin a genocidal fight to the death.

            The Italians were one people with one religion and they had a terrible time of things once the food ran out. The United States is not Italy. When the food runs out here, the races will begin murdering one another until only one tribe remains.

          • No, Italy was not that unified. It had a small Protestant minority, including ethnic Hungarians and Germans, and a Jewìsh minority. It had Slovenian and Croatian minorities in lands that had formerly been part of the Austrian empire. Not as diverse as the US has been since its founding, but not uniform either.

          • Well, my mother is an Italian citizen and we still have a home near Venice. I spend a lot of time in Italy and I can tell you that what you just said is wrong. Veneto is Veneto regardless of where you come from. Not a single place you named was more than a few hours drive by car. Nice try though.

          • Not sure what you are getting at here; what you wrote has nothing to do with my comment.

  2. Theres been Jack covid here at all,There was some passengers, old neatly dead geriatrics on those bucket boat cruises that were forced off their boats and into quarantine central where they died That’s about it

  3. All the world’s a stage, with the small hat folk orchestrating the pogrom via that Protocol page: The Sars-Cov-2 virus hoax, the ‘virus’ never isolated, zero evidence, yet plenty of statistical jokes, designed to enslave the common folks, genocide via the kill shot jab, with bought and sold presstitutes with the gift of the gab spouting on about ‘resistance (that) continues as Australia, which has tried to keep an extremely tight grip on the populace via the fake non-existent Covid-19 since the beginning of the scamdemic’. What do you say, Sean? Hmm.

  4. This is the love and care British royalty affords their subjects when they want them out of the way. Witness the bad old days when British soldiers were forced to wear bright red and march in a straight line. Now, they dose the masses, probably so Prints Hairy and Hollywood can dominate over the sickly masses.

  5. Why is the World letting Nazis and Commies what to do, think, feel and esp. FEAR.
    They are Killing you…..
    They want you all Dead
    What part of this
    do you Not get ?

  6. You’re gonna need a trainload of wooden stakes and a boatload of salt.
    On second thought, better make that two boatloads of salt..

  7. Australia is now in full Communist mode…..expect people who are vaxed to be dead in 3-5 years leaving no real Australians left to bar the way of the invading Chinese who want this land for their own. Wonder how much $$$ was paid to that insane PM???

    • The insanity comes from the sheeple who worship the wisdom broadcast on their television sets. They are doomed, and so are we unless we break the spell. My father never fell for it, and I ditched mine 20 years ago when I checked and realized that the 7 TV stations I could pick up on my little cigarette lighter car TV broadcast an average of 22.5 hours per day. Multiply this times 365, and you get OVER 56,000 hours of free television per year. And of this time, guess how many hours were/are dedicated to ANY college or university communications class, or ANY public television station, recording and broadcasting ANY college or university lecture…..If you guessed ZERO, you get an A+. Any other answer leaves you with a FAIL. Yup. The broadcast news agencies want us ignorant, stupid, and manageable as sheep. The 1909 British Empire Press Union and their American franchise known as The Council on Foreign Relations is the problem. THEY program all national news broadcasts, with the exception of a few independent internet news sources.

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