NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien: Vindman Will Be Removed from National Security Council

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Alexander Vindman will be expelled from the national security council, NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien says

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien claims Adam Schiff’s star witness – Alexander Vindman – is scheduled to be removed from the NatSec Council soon.

O’Brien appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday to discuss a major reduction in personnel at the National Security Council moving forward. reports: Mr. O’Brien told CBS host Margaret Brennan that the agency became bloated under the Obama Administration and ballooned to over 236 people.

Robert O’Brien, who was just appointed as National Security Advisor in September of this year after John Bolton was forced out, said Alexander Vindman is scheduled to be rotated out of his post at the NatSec Council and sent back to the Department of Defense as he pares down the agency to about 100 people.

Recall, Lt. Col. Vindman showed up to his impeachment testimony wearing his military dress.

Alexander Vindman, one of Schiff’s star witnesses and a left-wing hack, testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine.

So he later told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department.

Margaret Brennan asked Mr. O’Brien if there would be “retaliation” against Vindman for testifying.

Mr. O’Brien was clear and said that everyone at the NSC (National Security Council) will be rotated back to their respective departments and he will be bringing in new people.

The National Security Council was full of Obama holdovers who ultimately damaged the Trump Administration with illegal leaks to the media.

Lt. Col. Vindman is just one of many Obama hacks who will be thrown out of the agency thanks to Robert O’Brien’s leadership.



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