Democrats Furious After Glenn Beck Raises Over $20M To Rescue Christians Trapped in Afghanistan

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Glenn Beck raises over 20 million dollars to rescue Christians trapped in Afghanistan

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has triggered Democrats after raising a whopping $20 million to help rescue Christians trapped in Afghanistan.

Beck’s Nazarene Fund seeks to ensure that thousands of Christians will be safely evacuated from the country before they are killed by Biden’s newly-empowered Taliban terrorist regime.

The fund aims to extract over 5,000 people currently trapped in Afghanistan awaiting their executions for the “crime” of being Christian. reports: During Beck’s Wednesday morning radio show, the conservative firebrand and humanitarian urged his listeners to “give until it hurts” — and his loyal audience delivered beyond belief: Beck’s audience donated even more than the $20 million goal by early Friday morning.

On Wednesday, Beck pleaded, “Every single penny that you can come up with will go to flying those planes and getting those people out. We need, obviously, an enormous amount of money. These are people that are marked for death for what they believe in. This is why we started the Nazarene Fund. Don’t wait around for anyone else to do it. Don’t wait around. Please, go to and donate. … We need your help as soon as possible. I ask that you would give until it hurts today, because these people are entirely alone. And they will be crucified, if you are marked as a Christian, with the Taliban. You know what will happen to them. We can get them out. Be an Oskar Schindler today. Go to”

In the first day, the fund raked in nearly $10 million, prompting an emotional Beck to shower his listeners with gratitude.

“I asked you yesterday if you would give until it hurts. And this is the most remarkable audience I think ever assembled,” an overwhelmed Beck announced Thursday. “In a 24-hour period … this audience gave $9,334,652.24. We are halfway there in one day. It is truly a miracle that you, this one audience, gave nearly $10 million yesterday. I have always said that this audience is going to be the one that saves the country. You might be the one that saves the world.”

He continued, “I asked you to help me raise $20 million by Friday so I could secure the aircraft, and the helicopters, and the teams to be able to get 5,000 Christians that are marked for death [out of Afghanistan]. And yesterday, there was a notice from the Taliban that any of these [Christian] people will be burned alive. In less than 24 hours, you gave $9,334,652.24. This is the framework of hope. You are not alone! It is not just you. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I don’t think any one audience has ever done that!”

“I have until tomorrow to raise the second half,” the longtime broadcaster added. “You’ve given so much. The Nazarene Fund has put boots on the ground to do what needs to be done, to save the thousands of Christians who are in grave danger. We have the helicopters and the planes standing by. This is a logistical nightmare … but they are marked for death. So as long as we have the money, as long as our Marines can hold the airports, and as long as there is a Christian left in hiding, we will do what we need to do. But we need God’s help. We need Divine Providence like we’ve never needed it before. Time is running out. People are clinging to the hope that someone will remember them and arise and save them from the blackness that is the Taliban.”

By the end of Beck’s Thursday radio program, the ever-growing total reached $13 million, and by Friday morning, the donations exceeded $20 million.

On Friday, Beck tweeted, “I’m BLOWN AWAY by what this audience has done to help rescue persecuted Christians in Afghanistan! OVER $20 MILLION raised in less than 3 days! THANK YOU!”

You can continue to make donations to the Nazarene Fund here.


  1. Why would this annoy Democrats? Aren’t they supposed to be doing the same thing with the taxpayers money?

  2. I don’t see the word “Democrat” in any part of the text. Who says they are upset about this? That should be the major part of this story, but it is missing.

  3. Thats a VERY misleading story VERY ” nothing is what it seems ” QE2.America has a corporation called christian corporation Its a huge business. That’s why they want everyone to call themselves ” Christian’s ” rather than Catholics or lutherans or anglicans baptists mormons etc etc Dont be deceived .

  4. “Democrats Furious”

    Which Democrats? None are mentioned. I see no quotes from a single Democrat. Just projection.

    And why are they only helping Christians? Why discriminate against other religions when helping out?

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