Etsy Caught Running Massive Pedophile Ring Using ‘Pizzagate’ Code Words

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Etsy caught running huge Pizzagate pedophile ring.

Investigators have uncovered evidence of a massive pedophile ring operating in plain sight on Etsy – the online marketplace.

According to evidence unearthed by researchers, pedophiles have been using Etsy to buy and sell children using ‘Pizzagate‘ code words and imagery.

Instantly downloadable encrypted JPEG files of pizza costing between $3,000-$14,000 and children’s overalls costing over $35,000 are among some of the sickening high-priced items that caught the attention of investigators. reports: As pizza and “cheese pizza” (CP) are terms known to be pedophile slang for child pornography, many naturally questioned whether the posts could be serving as a devious way to conduct unlawful sales of illicit material.

“Who in their right mind pays $9,000 for a download of a PICTURE of pizza?” questioned X user @NiQole1776.

Many social media users noticed when they brought attention to the Etsy listings in question, those listings on the site suddenly got removed.

As high-priced pizza files came under fire, people began questioning other items for sale on the site, including the following listing for children’s overalls costing over $35,000.

The questionable Etsy posts – in all likelihood pointing to an illegal child trafficking or pornography ring, or an illegal money laundering operation, caught the attention of numerous social media users – including Gen. Mike Flynn, who asked for “an explanation for these suspicious posts.”

Prolific predator poacher Alex Rosen, who has busted dozens of pedophiles, also commented the online sleuths “appear to be exposing what looks to be a pretty big child p**n trading ring on Etsy.”

Some users compared the current situation on Etsy to the Wayfair controversy that engulfed social media years ago, which accused the online furniture store of facilitating child trafficking.

As yet, Etsy has not responded to Infowars’ request for comment.

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