Edgar Cayce Predicted 2024 Will Be ‘Pivotal Year’ of ‘Awakening and Transformation’

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America’s world-famous “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce had some bold predictions for 2024, predicting this would be a “year of transformation” in “the battle between global tyrants and people of love and freedom.”

Cayce, the near-mute mystic from Kentucky, gave more than 14,000 documented readings to a wide range of people, including celebrities like Harry Houdini, Thomas Edison, Woodrow Wilson, and Marilyn Monroe. He also foretold events, from Atlantis’s rediscovery, the outbreak of World War II, to the Covid pandemic and the rise of Putin.

His diverse and uncannily accurate predictions have intrigued many for decades.

According to Cayce, the year 2024 marks a pivotal moment in human history, when a collective awakening will occur, shifting our understanding of reality and our place within it. Cayce’s vision suggests this awakening will lead to a more enlightened approach to living, where compassion, understanding and a quest for deeper knowledge become central to our existence.

Here is a summary as to what 2024 will bring according to the Sleeping Prophet:

A global awakening. Cayce prophesied that in the year 2024 forces of light will finally overcome the darkness which has been stalking humanity for decades. An epoch of collective understanding of our reality and our place in it will be born.

An enlightened approach with love, compassion will replace the doctrine of “globalist tyrants.”

Remnants of ancient civilizations will be brought to light, changing our understanding about human history on earth. Cayce also had a warning about AI and its nefarious uses intended by those in positions of power.

Authentic eco-friendly living practices in harmony with nature will emerge to replace the globalist agenda of carbon taxes, EVs and global 15 minute cities pushed by those working to seize control of the global population.

Global climate upheaval will continue, however it will not play out the way the globalists claim. Cayce predicted the Atlantic ocean shifts will potentially happen by 2025, and Europe’s climate will move into another ice age. Note, the Atlantic shift is NOT man-made as the study that announced it claims.

Spiritual and medical advances will occur in “such that the two are intertwined.” Note, Gates’s global vaccine “advances” are a method of control, not healing.

There will be a global leadership shift with the old guard being removed from power by the people, and new leaders will emerge based upon traditional values, including spirituality, and unity – displacing the “compromised” globalists like Biden, Trudeau, and Macron currently shaping global events.

There will also be discoveries of new energy sources, or the re-emergence of energy sources that have been long suppressed by those in control.

Who is Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce was born on March 18, 1877 on a farm in south Christian County, Kentucky to Leslie and Carrie Cayce.

As a child, he displayed unusual abilities, like seeing spirits and being able to sleep on a book to remember its entire contents.

Edgar Cayce with his mother and father Leslie and Carrie Cayce.

These abilities would eventually develop into his world-famous gift of uncannily accurate clairvoyance.

Cayce discovered that he could put himself into a trance and tap into a universal knowledge or consciousness that allowed him to diagnose and offer treatments for complicated illnesses, provide specs for advanced technology, and even study the record of a person’s soul across numerous incarnations. 

He gave more than 14,000 documented readings during his lifetime. The insight and expertise found within them continues to provide guidance and help to people all over the world.

He earned monikers like the “sleeping prophet” and “the father of holistic health,” and his work is widely considered an influence in the New Age movement of the 1970s and ‘80s.

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