Russian Expert: MH17 Was Hit By Air-2-Air Missile

Fact checked
mH17 shot down with air-to-air missiles

A Russian expert has claimed that the crashed Malaysian Boeing-777 (MH17) was shot down by an air-2-air missile  and not the BUK missile system as stated by the Dutch commission. 

The claims are from the chief researcher of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence Force, Zahar Omarov.

I can say that our results refute the conclusion that the aircraft was shot down by a missile from the anti-aircraft missile system of “Beech”. Most probably, it was a class missile “air-air” with a mass of high-explosive fragmentation warhead is not more than 33 kg (weight of the missile “Buck” is 70 kg), “- he said in an interview. reports:

After analyzing the available information, the Air Force Research Institute experts came to the conclusion that the mass of the rocket, which was hit by the plane was half the weight of the missile complex “Beech”. In addition, the number and size of the holes in the liner fragments do not match those that remain from the damaging elements “Buka”. All these findings were provided by the Dutch commission, which conducted an investigation.

“For good, the Netherlands, the Security Council had to consider and, as a minimum, check our findings, however, it did not just Dutch.. Pretended that nothing was heard and not seen,” – he complained, reports “Interfax” .

Malaysia Airlines company plane crashed July 17, 2014 in the eastern Donetsk region of Ukraine. On board the ship, flying from MN17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, there were 283 passengers and 15 crew members, all of them were killed.

International Commission concluded that the airliner was shot down a missile anti-aircraft complex “Beech” from a point located within an area of 320 square kilometers in the east of Ukraine. The Federal Air Transport Agency of the International Commission criticized , saying that its members have tried to “justify the conclusions drawn before initiation of the investigation. ”

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