Snopes: Dont Believe Your Lying Ears, Biden Did NOT Say “My Butt’s Been Wiped”

Fact checked
Snopes claims Biden did not say 'my butt's been wiped' in bizarre fact-check article

Following Joe Biden’s bizarre interaction with a reporter on Sunday, Democrat activist site Snopes has warned that millions of people should not believe their lying ears, concluding that President Biden did not yell “my butt’s been wiped” at a reporter.

Snopes, the disgraced Facebook fact-checking site that employs hookers and drug addicts to decide what internet users are allowed to read online, declared Monday that “This is a genuine clip of Biden. However, it’s not clear what he’s saying in this video.”

Yes, really. reports: “It seems that people are just hearing what they want to hear,” Snopes declared.

It continues, “If you encounter this video of Biden that is prefaced with a caption saying that the president just yelled “My butts been wiped,” you may be predisposed to hear “My butts been wiped” in this clip. But try listening to the clip again, this time considering that the president may have said “It must be right” or “It must be what?”

“While it seems highly improbable that he said “My butt’s been wiped,” we can’t say for sure what he said in this clip, so we are marking this claim as unproven,” Snopes concludes.

Well, just like Biden’s butt, that’s all cleaned up then.

The point is that the guy is yelling weird non-distinguishable stuff at reporters and clearly mentally failing on the world stage. Whether he’s specifically yelling about his butt being wiped or not is irrelevant.


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