Joe Biden Appears to Yell “My Butt’s Been Wiped!” to Terrified Reporter

Fact checked
Joe Biden screams at reporter 'my butt's been wiped'

President Joe Biden was filmed apparently yelling “my butt’s been wiped” to a terrified reporter who attempted to ask him about immigration on Sunday.


The gaggle of reporters all laughed Biden’s disturbing remarks off as if it was completely normal behavior. reports: Before shuffling off Biden said “There needs to be a pathway to citizenship whether it needs to be in immigration remains to be seen.”


Anyone got any ideas what he actually yelled?

Truly bizarre.


    • I guess we are ready for Kamala Harris to be President but Joe Biden has not died or resigned yet. You do understand the amendment you cite, correct?

      • No one wants Kamala Even Joe didnt want her She was put there by the shadows. And in Hiroshima adter the bomb Big Boy, from Big Brother as the people were wxtertimaned now on the ground all that’s left is their shadow

  1. Absolutely. By the team leader of the mob . Absolved. Like all of them. And they believe all that claptrap.

  2. this is clearly CGI fake. I’m surprised that people think this is real. Look closely at the way the edges of his jacked as he walks. CGI fake.

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