Media Matters Employee Who Celebrated Tucker’s Firing Is Now Jobless and Begging for Money

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Media Matters employee who celebrated Tucker Carlson's firing now jobless after getting fired herself.

A Media Matters employee who gleefully celebrated Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News has now been fired herself and is begging for money on social media.

The employee, Kat Abu, was fired from Media Matters earlier this week as the Soros-funded organization faces looming bankruptcy. reports: Kat took to X, where she delivered the good news about her firing and the downfall of Marxist fake news peddlers, Media Matters.

For what it’s worth, this is Kat’s “bio introduction” on TikTok:

“I watch conservatives for work but make fun of them for pleasure.”

Well, not anymore, toots. Now, this disgraced so-called “reporter” is crying online and begging for money.

Weird. Do you recall seeing Tucker Carlson e-begging for donations when he left Fox News?

The bottom line here is that Media Matters got what they deserved. They were never out there telling the truth; they were playing dirty to shut down their political enemies. Their goal was to push everyone into thinking the exact same way, creating a society where no one dares to disagree with the progressive agenda. It’s like North Korea, but with a trans and gay twist. Media Matter’s final demise was rather poetic. It all started to crumble when they targeted X because Elon wouldn’t conform to their “rules” and toe the regime’s line. Media Matters then played one of their dirtiest tricks by manipulating X’s system. They made harmless but controversial posts appear even worse, all to scare away advertisers.

We covered that story.


Media Matters likes to portray itself as a “watchdog group.” It’s not. The organization is nothing more than a two-bit group of enforcers working for the regime. If you don’t align with the progressive agenda, groups like Media Matters will come after you and make you feel the pain. That’s precisely what they’ve done to Revolver in the past, and it’s the same tactic they’re using against Elon Musk’s X platform. Media Matters likes to use advertisers as a weapon, initiating fake boycotts and stretching the truth like saltwater taffy to coerce companies into withdrawing their ads. And if the companies don’t comply, they’ll likely find themselves on Media Matters’ “naughty list” too. It’s a relentless cycle of threats and blackmail, raising questions about how they’re allowed to continue these tactics. The good news is that they might finally face consequences, thanks to Elon, who is now suing them. If you’ll recall, the ADL—another regime punisher group—attempted a similar tactic against X, but when Elon threatened legal action, they backed off. However, Media Matters has deeper pockets, so they picked up where the ADL left off.

Nonetheless, Elon is going after them full-force.


After a devastating advertiser exodus last week involving some of the world’s largest media companies, X owner Elon Musk is suing the progressive watchdog group Media Matters over its analysis highlighting antisemitic and pro-Nazi content on X — a report that appeared to play a significant role in the massive and highly damaging brand revolt.

The lawsuit filed Monday accuses Media Matters of distorting how likely it is for ads to appear beside extremist content on X, alleging that the group’s testing methodology was not representative of how real users experience the site.

“Media Matters knowingly and maliciously manufactured side-by-side images depicting advertisers’ posts on X Corp.’s social media platform beside Neo-Nazi and white-nationalist fringe content and then portrayed these manufactured images as if they were what typical X users experience on the platform,” the complaint filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas said. “Media Matters designed both these images and its resulting media strategy to drive advertisers from the platform and destroy X Corp.”

The lawsuit marks the latest example of Musk’s favored response to his critics, and seeks to direct blame for the advertiser backlash onto third-party groups after Musk, in the same week, publicly endorsed the antisemitic claim that Jewish communities push “hatred against Whites.”

The lawsuit simultaneously names Media Matters and Eric Hananoki, its senior investigative reporter, as defendants. It calls for a judicial order forcing Media Matters to remove its analysis from its website and accuses Media Matters of interfering with X’s contracts with advertisers, of disrupting their economic relationships and of unlawfully disparaging X.

Well, now, it appears that Media Matters might have made a significant blunder when challenging Elon. New evidence has emerged suggesting that Media Matters engaged in fraudulent activities while pressuring companies to withdraw their advertising from X. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is making the claim on behalf of the citizens of his state, and he’s prepared to pursue legal action against Media Matters.

Glenn Greenwald also called out the disgraced Media Matters. It was clear to pretty much everyone—they picked a fight with Elon that they were utterly unprepared for, and they lost big time.

However, that nasty hoax of theirs did cost X a lot of money. After the Missouri Attorney General sued them, Media Matters had to start laying off workers. They got what they deserved. And speaking of shadowy schemes, we also covered the “Project 65” story, which exposed Media Matters’ David Brock for his involvement in this “dark money” initiative.


When the Left wants something, you can be sure that limitless streams of money will soon pour forth to fund their destructive crusade. Recently, Axios profiled something significant you might have missed: “Project 65,” a new initiative funded by millions in “dark money” to destroy as many Trump-affiliated lawyers as possible.

At the retail level, Project 65’s purpose is to file bar complaints against 111 lawyers wherever they are licensed. At the wholesale level, it seeks to amend state bar rules, so that no lawyers with a sense of self-preservation will ever again want to bring election-related contests on behalf of President Trump, or any other populist conservative candidate. According to Project 65, everyone secretly knows that elections in Atlanta, Chicago, or Philadelphia (my home town) are entirely aboveboard, so any legal challenges to them must be in bad faith. My Mom’s stories from decades of poll watching in Philadelphia must have been hallucinated, and a slew of election fraud cases in Philadelphia must have magically disappeared from the annals of the law. The Chicago corruption of Mayor Daley in the 1960 presidential election is an old wives’ tale. Election fraud in America simply doesn’t exist. Of course, some exceptions exist—for Democrat complaints of voter fraud, of course. Don’t expect Project 65 to file a bar complaint any time soon against losing candidate Stacey Abrams over her frequent claims to be the legitimate governor of Georgia.

Project 65 is led by David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America and the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century. Brock is still on his life-long quest to expiate his decades-old “sin” of writing The Real Anita Hill, a book attacking the credibility of Clarence Thomas’s harassment accuser. Brock will be joined by an advisory board that includes former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle, Clinton affiliate Melissa Moss, and “Republican” Paul Rosenzweig.

Media Matters is nothing but a garbage propaganda outlet—don’t feel the least bit sorry for them or their laid-off comrades. Laugh in their faces, tell them to “learn to code,” and celebrate the fact that an evil propaganda machine has just taken a hefty blow.

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