President Duterte: ‘British Royal Family Are Serial Killers’

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President Duterte issued a scathing attack on Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, accusing her of “killing people” and being “the head of a mafia family.”

President Duterte issued a scathing attack on Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family, accusing her of “killing people” and being “the head of a mafia family.”

Duterte, nicknamed Duterte Harry by the Philippines press, was hitting back at international criticism of extrajudicial killings under his leadership.

Queen Elizabeth is the head of a mafia family that kills people, innocent people, and the world gives her a free pass.”

But one narco pusher dies in the Philippines and idiots in international media call for my head. I don’t think so,” the president said.

When pressed for details about his statement regarding the Queen, President Duterte said “They [the British Royal Family] killed Princess Diana. She was a threat, now she’s dead. That was murder.

Duterte said that Diana’s brutal assassination in 1997 brought him close to tears at the time, and he knew deep down that her death was down to foul-play. “Those serial killers are not welcome in this country.”

Now, after years of research, and the opportunity to speak to world leaders about the truth, the brave Philippines president feels comfortable condemning Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family for Princess Diana’s death.

Claiming that there is “no chance in hell” that the international media would “dare report on this”, Duterte said, “that is how mafia families operate. They control everything.

The Philippines president has no time for aristocrats, oligarchs, or gangsters who consider themselves above the law.

Duterte — who boasted to the BBC in December that he personally killed three suspects while mayor of the southern city of Davao — has remained defiant in the face of globalist pressure to relax his stance.

He called the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein an “idiot” for suggesting he should be investigated for murder after that admission.

As nightly images on television show bodies lying in the streets, public support for Duterte’s approach is strong. A poll in December by Philippine research group Social Weather Stations found 85% of Filipinos were satisfied with Duterte’s unique brand of anti-drug enforcement.

The nation was in danger of becoming a narco-state, collapsing under the weight of hard drugs. Narco-pushers were in control of the streets. But not anymore. There is a new sheriff in town.

According to the Senator Richard Gordon, who led an investigation into Duterte’s brand of justice – ultimately clearing him of wrongdoing – the president is on the right track, dealing with problems the only way they can be dealt with.

Liberal politics, as pushed by the global media, would not work.

I think people have missed the point that our system is rotten,” Philippines Sen. Gordon said. “The whole prosecution system is rotten. The whole investigation system is rotten. There’s not enough money for more investigators. There’s not enough money for crime laboratories. There’s too many passes being issued to people who do crime, and that’s what gives them impunity.”

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