Top Virologist: ‘Worst Thing You Can Do Is Make the Vaccine Compulsory’

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Top virologist says making vaccines compulsory is the worst thing you can do

A top virologist had admitted that “the worst thing you can do is make the vaccine compulsory” because it would be “fuel to the anti-vaccine movement.”

On Tuesday it was revealed that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has now proved to be 95% effective in preventing coronavirus and will be submitted for emergency authorization within days.

Governments across the world are now considering how to entice their populations to take the vaccine and how to deal with the millions of people who will refuse to take it.

According to virologist Marc Van Ranst, it would be a really bad idea for authorities to make the vaccine compulsory.

“The worst thing you can do is make the vaccine compulsory,” Van Ranst told VRT News.

“That’s fuel to the anti-vaccine movement, as it’s what they’ve been warning about for years. It would send a very bad signal,” he warned. reports: The virologist points out that if a majority of the population receives the vaccine, the roughly 17 percent who refuse to take it “is not a problem.”

As we highlighted yesterday, with a British MP calling for the vaccine to be compulsory before anyone is allowed to return to work, a poll out of the UK found that a majority of the population supported making it mandatory.

However, even if the vaccine isn’t made compulsory, private venues such as bars, restaurants, stadiums and other businesses could refuse entry to anyone who can’t present a digital certificate of vaccination.

Both Ticketmaster and the the airline industry in general are considering such a system, which would make socializing, travel and commerce virtually impossible even if governments don’t mandate the vaccine by law.


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