Video Captures Gunman Blast Away At GOP Baseball Team

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Video footage has captured some of the chaos caused by a 66-year-old left-wing zealot who opened fire on a GOP congressional baseball team early Wednesday.

House majority whip Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, is in a critical condition after being shot at along with several other GOP members at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, in what witnesses describe as a “deliberate attack.

NY Post reports:

More than 25 bullets can be heard ripping through the air in the footage, which was captured by witness Noah Nathan close to the field at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park.

At one point, a man can be seen lying in the middle of the field.

“Do we know where he’s at?” the man recording the video can be heard saying. “I assume people have been calling 911 already.”

The shooting continues for several minutes, with some pauses in between the gunfire. Toward the end of the video, several gunshots are fired in quick succession, as people shout in the background.

The footage then shows several people crowd around the player on the field.

Nathan told The Post he lives in the neighborhood and was at the dog park next to the baseball field when James Hodgkinson opened fire. He added that he was more “pissed off than scared” during the attack.

Nathan added that he was aware GOP lawmakers were out practicing, since they’d been preparing for their game “most mornings.”

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