Ottawa Students Protest Gender Ideology Curriculum Imposed By School Board

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High school students

Dozens of High school students in Ottawa have walked out of class in protest of gender ideology being taught in Ontario classrooms.

The students from Ottawa’s Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School staged the walkout last week to protest against what they agrgue is the school’s indoctrination program or the so-called LGBTQ curriculum.

One of the organizers of the walkout, known only as A.T., told the Epoch Times.“There are Muslim, white, and Asian students in the crowd. There are students from every ethnicity. This is not an ethnic or a religious protest, this is a protest for the students who just … want to not be indoctrinated. We just want to have our beliefs that differ from other people.”

TGP reports: A.T., who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation from the school, claimed that the “LDHSS Students for Change” event was formed in response to LGBTQ “indoctrination” being pushed on students.

“If you want to be transgender, I have nothing wrong with that. But let me live my life and let me follow my beliefs, and don’t force me to believe what you believe,” he said.

This was the second demonstration in a week against the curriculum of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, per Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik.

Rebel News reported:

Today, students walked out to the sidewalk in front of Longfields-Davidson where some in the crowd held signs opposing gender ideology and received supportive honks from passersby. True North contributor Cosmin Dzsurdzsa chimed in on the protest, saying an “infusion of youthful energy” was “exactly what conservatives need.”

“Young people around the world are increasingly rejecting gender ideology and the far-left woke orthodoxy,” he added. “This is a generational revolt against the system and it’s only getting started!”

Last week, protesters on both sides of the aisle clashed at duelling rallies in the nation’s capital. Activists “Billboard” Chris Elston and Josh Alexander organized a similar rally calling on students to walk out, which was then counter-protested by far-left groups. Police reported five arrests following the demonstration.

Chanel Pfahl, a former high school teacher who now advocates against radical gender ideology being taught to young students, helped spread awareness for the walkout on social media. Pfahl previously came under fire from the Ontario College of Teachers after making remarks opposing critical race theory on a private Facebook group. She also shared a message purportedly from Longfields-Davidson Secondary School.

The same thing happened in Marshall Simonds Middle School in the Boston suburb town Burlington, Massachusetts where students revolted against the school’s “Pride” month spirit day indoctrination, glaring at teachers, tearing down posters and chanting “U.S.A. are my pronouns!” while wearing red, white and blue clothing and face paint. The protest was reported to be in part a response to the school ignoring Memorial Day two weeks ago while going all in on LGBTQI+ indoctrination.
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